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Roles and Job Types

Publishing isn't just about the written word, there are a host of support functions that we rely on to run a global, multi-million pound business effectively every day. Whatever your background, there will be something you can bring to the Press.

Our employment opportunities range from entry level to senior managerial posts. Some are suitable for university graduates and people with technical qualifications, some for people with experience-based credentials, and some for people without formal training but who have the potential to develop after an initial period of induction.

Find out more about the many types of roles we offer below:


Rights managers develop and oversee the rights for all our books and products, arrange foreign rights, arrange translation rights, the sale of rights to other institutions and for reprints, and the rights for serials and extracts, audio and electronic formats and translations.

An image of a member of editorial staff at Cambridge University Press


Right at the heart of what we do, a career in editorial is one of the most stimulating and endlessly interesting we offer. What other job offers you the chance to discover and publish the next Darwin or Hawking? Show the ability to recognise talented authors and fascinating projects and the reward is – you get to work with them. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing a book or project through from acquisition to publication in its final printed and electronic form.


With millions of customers around the world and staff in nearly every country in the world, the communications team has a vital brief to keep our profile strong through public relations and media liaison, and to ensure our internal colleagues are up-to-date about the company and the fast-moving world of publishing.


Good design helps people learn so our team of graphic designers is fundamental to the production of our books and materials. Working closely with editorial colleagues and authors makes for an endlessly interesting role with a shelf full of stylish-looking products to show off. Our designers also work on exhibitions and corporate projects.


An image of a computer

We rely on our marketing strategists to plan the campaigns that will get our products noticed by decision-makers, the media and customers. Along with imaginative and practical marketing strategies, you will develop sales tools, product kits, information and analysis of trends, competitors and markets, manage advertising and promotional campaigns and deliver training to the sales force.


Gone are the days when 'a good book would sell itself'. Now our sales people are absolutely pivotal to our success, relied upon by everyone in the company to get our products in front of the right people in schools, colleges, universities, libraries and bookshops, build relationships with customers, promote our products and services – and clinch those all-important deals.

Customer Services

Our customers range from school children, students, teachers and professionals from any walk of life, anywhere in the world to institutions large and small. But they all have one thing in common – a desire to learn or to help others to learn. Helping them achieve this goal is the role of our customer services professionals. You will help our customers find the right materials among the wealth of the Cambridge lists and act as the eyes and ears of the company, providing crucial feedback on what kinds of products and services customers are looking for.

An image of the Cambridge University Press IT Service Desk


Far from just the nuts and bolts that bind our business together, IT is now at the forefront of what we do, leading the way into the digital world and allowing us to innovate and produce the products our customers want, while also providing the systems that keep the business running smoothly day to day.

General Administration and Support

Our administration and support services provide the foundation on which all our other functions rest. Without great admin support the best plans, products and promotions can struggle. If you can offer efficiency, a drive to continuously find ways to do things better and an ability to get on with all sorts of people, we want to hear from you.


Our finance staff around the world play a vital role in managing the Press's finances, helping us to achieve our objectives. They ensure that costs are controlled and that cash flow is adequately managed.

They also help our managers and decision-makers to make informed judgements and decisions, by providing them with regular financial and budgetary information. Finance also prepares financial documents and final accounts for reporting purposes.An image of a hand with a calculator

Human resources

One of the best assets we have is our staff, and our HR staff work hard at engaging employees, as well as attracting and retaining the most highly skilled and talented individuals. Our HR staff are responsible for strategic planning of staffing resources, staff reward programmes and procedures, recruitment and performance management programmes and providing support, coaching and training aimed at developing people and their careers.


The production department is the engine room of any publisher, taking the commissioned content and converting it into saleable products which range from traditional cloth-bound hardbacks, to print-on-demand editions, to eBooks or online materials delivered straight to the reader. Now more than ever, production is at the forefront of technological change and is helping to lead the transformation of the publishing industry, learning the new skills needed and defining new ways of delivering content. As publishers adapt to the new world, in production, you can be part of the change.


An image of the Cambridge University Press Bookshop at nightThe Cambridge University Press Bookshop situated in Cambridge City Centre is unique – it is the only official bookshop and showroom the Press has in the world dedicated to selling Cambridge University Press products, it occupies the oldest bookshop site in the country, where books have been continuously sold since at least 1581. Our Bookshop staff serve around 100,000 customers and visitors from all over the world each year, and they play an important role in communicating the Press's vision and objectives. Our Bookshop staff aim to provide the highest standard of customer service to all who visit us.

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