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The Cambridge Dictionary of Christian Theology


  • Page extent: 572 pages
  • Size: 247 x 174 mm
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Library of Congress

  • Dewey number: 230.03
  • Dewey version: 22
  • LC Classification: BV2.5 .C36 2011
  • LC Subject headings:
    • Theology--Dictionaries

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 (ISBN-13: 9780521880923)

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With over 550 entries ranging from Abba to Zwingli composed by leading contemporary theologians from around the world, The Cambridge Dictionary of Christian Theology represents a fresh, ecumenical approach to theological reference. Written with an emphasis on clarity and concision, all entries are designed to help the reader understand and assess the specifically theological significance of the most important concepts. Clearly structured, the volume is organized around a small number of 'core entries' which focus on key topics to provide a general overview of major subject areas, while making use of related shorter entries to impart a more detailed knowledge of technical terms. The work as a whole provides an introduction to the defining topics in Christian thought and is an essential reference point for students and scholars.

• Core entries provide a broad overview of selected topics and a clear basis of the subject for students • Integrates small topics within larger areas of study, providing a working knowledge of key concepts and figures, with detailed explanations of technical terminology • Represents theological voices within the Protestant tradition and also prominent representation of Catholic authors


Acknowledgements; Preface; Entries; Sources cited; List of contributors.


'This is an indispensable, immensely rich, genuinely theological reference work. Its entries offer specifically theological examination of a comprehensive array of theological topics and biographies by an inclusive range of theological voices. And it integrates those entries in an ingenious way. The inter-connections among the multiple conceptual perspectives of its entries on core theological topics amount to a map of systematic theology.' David Kelsey, Yale University

'What sets the The Cambridge Dictionary apart is its format … fills a troublesome void in theological reference texts.' Kent Eliers, Theology Forum

'The volume is ecumenical and includes a wide range of perspectives from a wealth of contributors. It should be recommended to theological and university libraries and … to students starting out on a theological career.' Jason A. Fout, Anglican Theological Review

'This one-volume work is intended to be 'coherent and capacious, but neither partisan nor blinkered'. It accomplishes this … by including many prominent scholars, entries on the most current theological issues, and by touching on a variety of doctrinal topics, confessional orientations, and theological styles.' M. Y. Spomer, CHOICE

'This volume is both a comprehensive historical reference and a splendid outline of contemporary theological movements … Indeed, among the numerous theological dictionaries currently available, this volume stands alone above the crowd. Every academic library should have a copy.' David H. Jensen, Religious Studies Review


William J. Abraham, Nicholas Adams, Allan Heaton Anderson, Andreas Andreopoulos, Edward Antonio, Kenneth Appold, Willem J. van Asselt, Paul Avis, Christine Axt-Piscalar, Lewis Ayres, Vincent Bacote, Gary D. Badcock, John F. Baldovin, Hans Barstad, The Rev. Dr Michael Battle, The Rev. Msgr Dr F. J. Baur, Nigel Biggar, André Bimerlé, Tina Beattie, Michael Bergmann, C. Clifton Black, Paul Blowers, Russel Botman, John Bowlin, Ian C. Bradley, Lucy Bregman, Luke Bretherton, James T. Bretzke, S.J., Lynn Bridgers, John P. Burgess, Stanley M. Burgess, David B. Burrell, Jason Byassee, Euan Cameron, Amy Carr, Augustine Casiday, Mark J. Cartledge, Christophe Chalamet, The Rev. Dr Mark Chapman, Sathianathan Clarke, Philip Clayton, Francis X. Clooney, S.J., Basil Cole, O.P., Tim Cooper, Paul Copan, M. Shawn Copeland, John Cottingham, S. Peter Cowe, James Cox, William Lane Craig, Shannon Craigo-Snell, Andrew Crislip, Garry J. Crites, The Rev. Dr Anthony R. Cross, Richard Crouter, Lawrence Cunningham, Mary B. Cunningham, Gavin D'Costa, Ivor Davidson, Douglas J. Davies, Andrew Dawson, Juliette Day, Paul DeHart, Ralph Del Colle, Gary Dorrien, Celia Deane-Drummond, Geoffrey Dunn, Mark Elliott, Noel Leo Erskine, Wendy Farley, Douglas Farrow, Richard K. Fenn, Paul S. Fiddes, Stephen Fields, S.J., Duncan Forrester, Paul Foster, Nancy Frankenberry, Mary McClintock Fulkerson, Simon Gathercole, Michelle A. Gonzalez, Todd Gooch, Bruce Gordon, Elaine Graham, Gordon Graham, Janette Gray, Joel B. Green, Niels Henrik Gregersen, Michael Grimshaw, David Grumett, Ruben L. F. Habito, Roger Haight, S.J., Douglas John Hall, The Rev. Stuart George Hall, The Rev. Dr Harriet Harris, John F. Haught, Nicholas M. Healy, The Rev. Dr Brian Hebblethwaite, György Heidl, Charles C. Hefling, S. Mark Heim, Scott H. Hendrix, Alasdair Heron, Michael Higgins, Mike Higton, Mary Catherine Hilkert, Harvey Hill, Kenneth Einar Himma, Bradford Hinze, W. Andrew Hoffecker, Christopher R. J. Holmes, Edward Howells, Richard T. Hughe, The Rev. Msgr Kevin W. Irwin, Lisa Isherwood, Timothy P. Jackson, Paul D. Janz, Werner Jeanrond, Willis Jenkins, Robin M. Jensen, Darrell Jodock, Mark D. Jordan, David G. Kamitsuka, James F. Kay, H. A. Kelly, Daren Kemp, Fergus Kerr, O.P., FRSE, Thomas S. Kidd, Fr George Kilcourse, Sebastian C. H. Kim, Masami Kojiro, Steven Kraftchick, Alan Kreider, Peter A. Kwasniewski, Lai Pan-chiu, Dirk G. Lange, Jacqueline Lapsley, Emmanuel Y. Lartey, Gordon W. Lathrop, David R. Law, Frederick Lawrence, Bo Karen Lee, Sang Hyun Lee, Mark R. Lindsay, Thomas G. Long, Janice Love, Robin W. Lovin, Walter Lowe, Morwenna Ludlow, F. Thomas Luongo, Randy L. Maddox, Lois E. Malcolm, Mark H. Mann, William E. Mann, Neil A. Manson, George Marsden, Bruce D. Marshall, Hjamil A. Martinez-Vazquez, Rex Matthews, William C. Mattison, Bruce Lindley McCormack, Joy Ann McDougall, Bernard McGinn, Alister E. McGrath, John A. McGuckin, Esther McIntosh, Mark A. McIntosh, Steven A. McKinion, The Rev. Msgr Paul McPartlan, Néstor Medina, M. Douglas Meeks, Linda Mercadante, Paul Middleton, Daniel L. Migliore, Bruce Milem, Walter Moberly, Paul D. Molnar, The Rev. Dr Andrew Moore, Susan Hardman Moore, Christopher Morse, Christian Moser, Rachel Muers, Francesca Aran Murphy, David Nash, Mark Thiessen Nation, Craig L. Nessan, Olga Nesmiyanova, Peter Neuner, Damayanthi Niles, Paul T. Nimmo, The Hon. John T. Noonan, Jr, Thomas O'Loughlin, Simon Oliver, Roger E. Olson, Kenan B. Osborne, OFM, Gene Outka, Aristotle Papanikolaou, David Parker, George L. Parsenios, Paul Parvis, Bonnie L. Pattison, George Pattison, Amy Plantinga Pauw, Lori Pearson, Michael Davey Pearson, Clark Pinnock, Sarah Pinnock, Alyssa Lyra Pitstick, Paul-Hubert Poirier, Jean Porter, Robert W. Prichard, Inese Radzins, J. Paul Rajashekar, Shelly Rambo, Arne Rasmusson, Paul Rasor, Stephen G. Ray, Jr, Esther D. Reed, Fr Alexander Rentel, Joerg Rieger, Cynthia Rigby,

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