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Modern Legal Drafting

  • Peter Butt
  • Paperback | ISBN-13: 9781107607675 | ISBN-10: 1107607671 | AUD$54.95

Modern Legal Drafting provides a comprehensive, authoritative guide to drafting legal documents in effective, plain English. Peter Butt, a leading expert in the field, has fully revised and updated the text for this new edition. It combines a practical focus with the legal principles that underpin the use of plain language in law. This dual practical and academic approach distinguishes it from other books in the field. It includes expanded material on the techniques for achieving a style that is both clear and legally sound. It also includes new material on the challenges and merits of drafting in plain language, and provides many before-and-after examples to help both practising lawyers and students develop their skills. It takes an international approach, drawing upon case law and statutes from England, Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Canada, Ireland, India, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong.
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Play in the Early Years

  • Marilyn Fleer
  • Paperback | ISBN-13: 9781107640221 | ISBN-10: 1107640229 | AUD$79.95

The Early Years Learning Framework is a key component of the Australian Government's National Quality Framework for early childhood education and care. Play-based learning is an important focus in both the Framework and in early childhood education degrees at Australian universities. Play in the Early Years is a comprehensive study of pedagogy and play in early childhood education by a globally recognised leader in the field. Marilyn Fleer examines how play has been thought about across time, culture and institutions, including in childcare, family day care, schools and community groups. The book presents and analyses the latest research and theories about early childhood pedagogy and play. Vignettes and real-world examples help students connect theory to practice, while end-of-chapter glossaries help to consolidate understanding of key concepts and ideas. This is an accessible and engaging textbook that will be an invaluable resource for practitioners and undergraduate students of early childhood education.
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An Introduction to Australian Public Policy

  • Sarah Maddison, Richard Denniss
  • Paperback | ISBN-13: 9781107658257 | ISBN-10: 110765825X | AUD$69.95

The public policy arena is a complex framework of actors, politics and instruments. An Introduction to Australian Public Policy, 2nd edition, examines the broad range of models, influences and players that shape the development of public policy in Australia, and equips students with a working knowledge of both the theoretical underpinnings and real-world challenges of the field. Fully revised and updated, the new edition addresses the diverse approaches to policy formulation required by different practitioners and institutions. Accessible and engaging, this edition includes: a new chapter on policy evaluation; practical exercises on how to write policy briefs and media releases and eleven new, concise case studies from Australia's top public policy practitioners. The book is accompanied by a companion website which contains chapter summaries and a glossary. Widely regarded as the best introduction to Australian public policy available, the book is an essential resource for undergraduate students of politics and policy workers.

Cambridge Hospitality - Recipes for Kitchen Skills

  • Kelly Evans
  • Spiral bound | ISBN-13: 9780521172509 | ISBN-10: 0521172500 | AUD$34.95

The first school-based recipe journal written to the practical requirements of the VET Hospitality syllabus. Purpose-written to support students undertaking the Commercial Cookery and Food and Beverage Streams of the Tourism, Hospitality and Events Training Package (SIT07), this selection of recipes has been developed and tested to introduce and reinforce the key knowledge and practical skills essential in a commercial environment.