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Finding a title
Academic, Professional, ELT, Bibles
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Finding a title

Academic & Professional, English Language Teaching, Bibles

There are three ways to search for titles:

1) Quick Search

The Quick Search box is located on the homepage and most other pages. It is a simple search that accepts Title, Author or ISBN as search criteria.

2) Advanced Search

You can access the Avanced Search by clicking the Advanced Search link found beneath any Quick Search box.

Advanced Search allows you to search on multiple criteria, giving you the ability to do a far more specific search.

3) Browsing by Subject area

You can also search for titles according to subject area. This is done by clicking any of the following main subject areas from the homepage. These main subject areas can also be found on the Advanced Search page.

There are 3 levels of subject area to navigate through in order to find the title you're after.

Academic & Professional
English Language Teaching

Clicking any of these main subjects will display a list of second level subjects.

Click any of these second level subjects will go down one further step to the third level subjects - these are the last level and the most specific subject level.

Clicking any of these subjects to access the subject page. Here you will be able to view All/New/Textbook/Highlight titles and sample chapters available for the subject.

Click on any title link to access the specific details for that title.