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Classics after Antiquity

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Editors: Dr Alastair Blanshard, Professor Shane Butler, Professor Emily Greenwood

Classics After Antiquity examines the twofold nature of the relationship between classics and 'classical' antiquity. In one sense, classics 'after' antiquity assumes a temporal relationship of tradition and descent, in which the literatures, histories, and cultures of the ancient Greek and Roman Mediterranean have been taken up by individuals, groups, and institutions from the medieval world to the present. But the preposition 'after' also suggests problems of succession, as subsequent ages have appropriated and imagined ancient Greece and Rome in their own image and have struggled to reinvent the classical past, caught between those who rushed to embrace this past and those who disowned it altogether. The scope of the series also includes works that explore the valence of Greek and Roman institutions and discourses for historical debates that continue to resonate in the present, to say nothing of the intellectual and cultural challenge that rival antiquities pose to the very idea of the 'classical' in an era of globalization.

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There are 7 books in this series...

Borges' Classics

Global Encounters with the Graeco-Roman Past
Volume 0

  • Laura Jansen
  • Hardback | Published June 2018
  • Available, despatch within 3-4 weeks | AUD$136.95 | Add to basket

Classical Victorians

Scholars, Scoundrels and Generals in Pursuit of Antiquity
Volume 0

  • Edmund Richardson
  • Hardback | Published February 2013
  • Available, despatch within 3-4 weeks | AUD$103.95 | Add to basket

The Perpetual Immigrant and the Limits of Athenian Democracy

Volume 0

  • Demetra Kasimis
  • Hardback | Published August 2018
  • Available, despatch within 3-4 weeks | AUD$136.95 | Add to basket