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Cambridge Studies in Nineteenth-Century Literature and Culture

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Editors: Isobel Armstrong, Professor Dame Gillian Beer, Kate Flint, Catherine Gallagher, D. A. Miller, J. Hillis Miller, Daniel Pick, Mary Poovey, Sally Shuttleworth, Herbert Tucker

Nineteenth-century British literature and culture are a rich field for interdisciplinary studies. Since the turn of the twentieth century, scholars and critics have tracked the intersections and tensions between Victorian literature and the visual arts, politics, social organisation, economic life, technical innovations, scientific thought - in short, culture in its broadest sense. In recent years, theoretical challenges and historiographical shifts have unsettled the assumptions of previous scholarly syntheses and called into question the terms of older debates. Whereas the tendency in much past literary critical interpretation was to use the metaphor of culture as 'background', feminist, Foulcauldian, and other analyses have employed more dynamic models that raise questions of power and of circulation. Such developments have re-animated the field. This series aims to accommodate and promote the most interesting work being undertaken on the frontiers of the field of nineteenth-century literary studies: work which intersects fruitfully with other fields of study such as history, or literary theory, or the history of science. Comparative as well as interdisciplinary approaches are welcomed.

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