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KJV Cameo Reference Edition

The beauty of the Cambridge Cameo Bible is its solution to the age-old problem of providing readable type in a book of manageable size. The Cameo was originally produced in the 1920s for letterpress printing and is now re-issued in response to continued consumer interest, in a new range of binding styles.

The re-origination process has offered an opportunity to tidy up a number of blemishes that had gradually become part of the Cameo image over the lifetime of the edition, especially during the conversion to more modern forms of reproduction. So, while the text presents the same familiar layout and the original Petit Medieval Clarendon type, it is now better represented than in some previous recent printings of this edition.

There is a new range of binding styles. Top of the range is the goatskin Bible, with art-gilt edges as well as a superb edge-lined goatskin cover.

Another option includes the KJV Apocrypha. Although the Apocrypha were included in 1611 and in the succeeding two centuries, they are seldom included in modern editions. All the Bibles have a concordance and 15 colour maps. The text has pronunciation marks and red-letter text.

  • India paper
  • 15 colour maps
  • red-letter text
  • two ribbon markers
  • concordance
  • gilt or art-gilt edges
  • pronunciation marks

Features of edition:
  • classic Cambridge edition
  • with or without the Apocrypha
  • now available in edge-lined goatskin

Available styles:

Imitation leather
arrow 978 0 521 14609 8arrowsOrdering details
Black | Gilt edges

Calfskin leather
arrow 978 0 521 14610 4arrowsOrdering details
Brown | Art-gilt edges

Goatskin leather
arrow 978 0 521 14612 8arrowsOrdering details
Black | Art-gilt edges | Edge-lined

with Apocrypha
Calfskin leather

arrow 978 1 107 60807 8 arrowsOrdering details
Black | Art-gilt edges

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text sample

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spacer Typography: spacer 8 point Petit MediŠval Clarendon 1159
  Page size:   177 x 123 mm
  Page extent:   1596 pp., with Apocrypha 1868 pp.