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Entornos: Primer curso de lengua española

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Mundo Real Media Edition: Innovative Learning for High School Students

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Find the perfect classroom supplement with our Reader Matchmaker

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¡Hola, Mundo! Level 3 is now available

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Introducing Spanish Programs from Cambridge University Press

Cambridge University Press’s world-renowned English as a Second Language programs, leading Classics series, and cutting-edge Methodology and Linguistics texts have built our strong foundation in second language learning.

Now, we are proud to introduce new Spanish programs for young learners and secondary students. Cambridge Spanish courses are published in partnership with innovative ELE publisher Editorial Edinumen, and feature a cutting-edge experiential methodology that encourages students to communicate quickly and confidently, giving them the language skills they need for today's ever-smaller world.

Mundo Real Media Edition

Mundo Real Media Edition is a communicative secondary course that equips students with functional, accessible language and encourages them to begin communicating immediately. Students begin producing language at the start of each unit, building confidence, adaptability, and fluency.

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¡Hola, Mundo!, ¡Hola, Amigos!

¡Hola, Mundo!, ¡Hola, Amigos! is an innovative course for young learners in grades 2-5. The games, puzzles, songs, and comics of the student’s book—not to mention the immersive digital world of ¡Hola, Amigos!—will engage young learners, and bring Spanish to life in and outside of the classroom. Come meet the charming characters of ¡Hola, Amigos!

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Advanced Coursebooks

Cambridge's collection of advanced coursebooks provide a rich and detailed view of the arts and culture of the Spanish-speaking world. These literature, film, theater and culture texts will enliven upper-level college courses, or provide a wonderful opportunity to challenge and engage advanced high school students.

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Professional Development

From November to March, Cambridge and Editorial Edinumen are hosting a free Professional Development Program for teachers of any level. For more information, and to register now, visit our blog!

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If you're a Canadian customer, click below for our full Canadian catalogue, which includes a special Canada-only high school course and Canadian pricing.

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