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Cambridge Spanish


About Cambridge Spanish

Cambridge's new Spanish materials build on our long history as innovative second-language publishers.


Since we published our first book in 1584, Cambridge University Press has printed materials that enrich teaching, learning, and research. As our world has become more global, so has the Press, and we now work from more than fifty offices around the world.

We are excited to add to our long publishing history with the release of brand new Spanish language learning materials. These courses build on our experience with second language acquisition, and reinforce our commitment to innovation and learning.

All of our Spanish materials are published in partnership with Editorial Edinumen, one of the world's leading Spanish language learning publishers with a global reputation for quality and methodological innovation. Edinumen is also a pioneer in the field of technology in the language classroom.

Functional Language

In today's globalized world, the need is greater than ever for students to be truly comfortable communicating in a second language. We believe that many traditional grammar and vocabulary texts fail to prepare students to communicate with fluency and confidence. Cambridge Spanish courses focus on functional language and communicative skills, encouraging students to take ownership of and adapt the language they learn.

Digital Immersion

New technologies provide educators with a  wonderful opportunity to expand and enliven the classroom. Mundo Real ELEteca, our Learning Management System, keeps students connected with their instructors and their work outside of class, and helps teachers track student progress and performance. ¡Hola, Amigos!, our immersive digital program for primary students, encourages young learners to turn their natural curiosity and inventiveness to language learning.

Methodological Foundation

Cambridge Spanish courses are built on the same years of educational research and classroom experience that inform our English Language Teaching, Methdology, and Linguistics texts. To learn more about these texts, please visit our English Language Teaching site at

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