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Casa del Español

Learn Spanish anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Casa del Español is an immersive online course for beginning through intermediate Spanish students. The course features a wealth of audio and video content, as well as an engaging practice environment that encourages learners to strengthen their language skills.

Casa del Español:

  • Emphasizes communicative skills.
  • Features authentic language in context.
  • Includes a wide variety of activity types.
  • Uses audio and video to present natural, engaging language.


Casa del Español is appropriate for adult and young adult learners.

The Casa del Español syllabus is designed in six flexible blocks, appropriate for Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced high school students, or for a full year of Introductory College Spanish.

Casa del Español is connected to the Cambridge Spanish Learning Management System, ELEteca, so teachers can track the work their students do both in the classroom and at home. And all Casa del Español can be loaded onto your school’s LMS for even easier institutional access.

Watch a sample video from the first level of Casa del Español.

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