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Theme NRS Level Beginning Literacy
Ventures Basic
NRS Level Low Beginning
Ventures Level 1
NRS Level High Beginning
Ventures Level 2
NRS Level Low Intermediate
Ventures Level 3
NRS Level High Intermediate
Ventures Level 4
NRS Level Advanced
Ventures Transitions
Complete Set 1A-8A 1B-8B 1C-8C 1D-8D 1E-8E 1F-8F
Correlations Correlation Correlation Correlation Correlation Correlation Correlation
Autobiography/Personal Life History Worksheet 1A
Students describe themselves and their lives using visuals
Worksheet 1B
Students practice introducing themselves and describing their lives
Worksheet 1C
Students write an autobiographical paragraph and edit their partner’s paragraph
Worksheet 1D
Students write two autobiographical paragraphs and edit their partner’s paragraphs
Worksheet 1E
Students write and edit a three-paragraph autobiographical essay
Worksheet 1F
Students type or write three autobiographical paragraphs about their life goals and edit their own work
Career Interest Inventory Worksheet 2A
Students learn about common career areas
Worksheet 2B
Students learn about several careers
Worksheet 2C
Students learn how their personality shapes their career interests
Worksheet 2D
Students learn about their career values
Worksheet 2E
Students write a paragraph about their career and personal objectives
Worksheet 2F
Students learn about the sixteen Career Clusters and identify their Career Cluster
Career Pathways Search Worksheet 3A
Students use pictures to describe their career pathway
Worksheet 3B
Students research education and skills requirements in their career of interest
Worksheet 3C
Students research trends in their career of interest
Worksheet 3D
Students learn about and practice networking
Worksheet 3E
Students learn about questions to ask when accepting a job offer
Worksheet 3F
Students learn about internships, apprenticeships and volunteer work
Career Research Writing N/A (activity not at student level) Worksheet 4B
Students read a passage and identify main ideas
Worksheet 4C
Students learn to use quotes and paraphrase information
Worksheet 4D
Students learn to create an outline and write about their career of interest
Worksheet 4E
Students learn to select varied and reliable information sources in order to write research papers
Worksheet 4F
Students write a three paragraph essay on their career of interest
Applying Soft Skills Worksheet 5A
Students listen to and confirm information in order to develop phone skills
Worksheet 5B
Students identify local businesses where they might like to work
Worksheet 5C
Students write e-mails to set up informational interviews about their career of interest
Worksheet 5D
Students prepare questions for informational interviews about their career of interest
Worksheet 5E
Students learn how to search for jobs and prepare to drop off their resumes at local businesses
Worksheet 5F
Students learn about job shadowing and set up an appointment to shadow a professional
Building a Resume Worksheet 6A
Students use pictures to describe their work experience
Worksheet 6B
Students identify previous work experience
Worksheet 6C
Students fill out a resume template
Worksheet 6D
Students find and compare sample resumes in their career of interest
Worksheet 6E
Students revise their resumes then edit a classmate’s resume
Worksheet 6F
Students role-play a job interview using their partner’s resume
College Knowledge & Navigation Worksheet 7A
Students learn about the educational system in the United States and fill out a chart about their educational background
Worksheet 7B
Students learn about post-secondary training.
Worksheet 7C
Students navigate post-secondary school admission information
Worksheet 7D
Students learn how to pay for post-secondary school
Worksheet 7E
Students learn about post-secondary school admission requirements
Worksheet 7F
Students apply for post-secondary school and complete an application checklist
Professional Presentations & Teamwork Worksheet 8A
Students give a brief presentation about themselves to their classmates
Worksheet 8B
Students give a brief presentation about their career of interest
Worksheet 8C
Students learn about graphs and present a graph to their classmates about occupations related to their career area of interest
Worksheet 8D
Students create and present PowerPoint presentations on their career of interest
Worksheet 8E
Students role-play job interviews and get feedback from their classmates
Worksheet 8F
Students present their career plan to their classmates