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The Treatment of Drinking Problems
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 (ISBN-13: 9780511058936 | ISBN-10: 0511058934)

The Treatment of Drinking Problems has become, over the past twenty years, the definitive text in its field. Internationally acclaimed and translated into six languages, it is the most authoritative source book for the treatment of alcohol problems for all professionals who encounter them.

• Thoroughly revised new edition of a highly successful and well-reviewed book • New chapters include an account of the historical development of treatment over the last 300 years, and the latest evidence on the psychiatric comorbidities which often go with drinking problems • Modern trends in relation to psychological and pharmacological interventions are fully covered and the role of self-help groups reappraised


Introduction; Part I. Background to Understanding: 1. The history of treatment for drinking problems; 2. Causes of drinking problems; 3. Alcohol as a drug; 4. The alcohol dependence syndrome; 5. Drinking problems and the family; 6. Social complications of excessive drinking; 7. Drinking problems as cause of neuropsychiatric disorder; 8. Alcohol problems and psychiatric comorbidity; 9. Alcohol and other drug problems; 10. Physical complications of excessive drinking; 11. Women with drinking problems; 12. Some special presentations; 13. Drinking problems and the life course; Part II. Screening, Assessment and Treatment: 14. Case identification and screening; 15. Assessment as the beginning of therapy; 16. Withdrawal states and treatment of withdrawal; 17. The basic work of treatment; 18. Alcoholics Anonymous; 19. Special techniques; 20. Working toward normal drinking; 21. When things go wrong and putting them right; 22. Treatment settings, professional roles, and the organisation of treatment services; Index.


From reviews of the previous edition: '… the best overview on the subject for practitioners who wish to understand and help people with alcohol problems … a unique perspective … elegant and succinct prose … highly readable … an absolute must to read.' The Lancet

'This text continues to be a must for anyone working in the field of alcohol misuse.' Addiction Biology

'… highly readable … an invaluable resource … authoritative … contains a wealth of readily accessible information on drinking problems and is therefore essential reading for all workers in specialist drug and alcohol agencies.' Drug News

'This edition combines the highly readable style of previous editions with a strong evidenced-based approach to diagnosis and treatment of alcohol problems … the hallmark of the book is the clarity with which it is presented … it was a delight to review this book. Its concise and readable prose, combined with the high quality of its content, makes The Treatment of Drinking Problems a must have for all those working with people who have drinking problems.' Addiction

'I very much enjoyed the style of writing, its incisiveness, and liked also the introduction setting out what each particular chapter is about, making it a real practical book to have. Indeed … many of the chapters should become dog-eared from frequent use, certainly the chapter on depression is one of those.' Addiction Biology

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