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James Joyce in Context


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 (ISBN-13: 9780511474620)

This collection of original, cohesive and concise essays charts the vital contextual backgrounds to Joyce's life and writing. The volume begins with a chronology of Joyce's publishing history, an analysis of his various biographies and a study of his many published and unpublished letters. It goes on to examine how his works were received in the main twentieth-century critical and theoretical schools. Most importantly, it places Joyce within multiple Irish, British and European contexts, providing a lively sense of the varied and changing world in which he lived, which formed him, and from which he wrote. The essays collectively show how Joyce was rooted in his times, how he is both a product and a critic of his multiple contexts, and how important he remains to the world of literature, criticism and culture.

• A uniquely accessible overview of all the important contextual material for Joyce's work • Features the most up-to-date publication chronology of Joyce available • Joyce's reception is analysed in terms of the changing critical approaches of the past century


Preface; Part I. Life and Works: 1. Chronology of composition and publication of the major works Stacey Herbert; 2. Joyce's lives, memoirs and biographies Finn Fordham; 3. Letters William S. Brockman; Part II. Theory and Critical Reception: 4. Prewar Joyce John Nash; 5. Postwar Joyce Joseph Brooker; 6. Structuralism, deconstruction, post-structuralism Sam Slote; 7. Gender and sexuality Marian Eide; 8. Psychoanalysis Luke Thurston; 9. Post-colonialism Gregory Castle; 10. Genetic criticism Dirk van Hulle; 11. Translation studies Jolanta Wawrzycka; 12. World literature and cosmopolitanism Eric Bulson; 13. Twenty-first-century critical contexts Sean Latham; Part III. Historical and Cultural Context: 14. Being in Joyce's world Cheryl Temple Herr; 15. Dublin L. M. Cullen; 16. The Irish nineteenth century Matthew Campbell; 17. The Irish revival Clare Hutton; 18. The English literary tradition Patrick Parrinder; 19. Paris Jean-Michel Rabate; 20. Trieste John McCourt; 21. Greek and Roman themes Brian Arkins; 22. Medicine Vike Martina Plock; 23. Modernisms Michael Levenson; 24. Music Timothy Martin; 25. Irish and European politics, nationalism, socialism, empire Brian Caraher; 26. Newspapers and popular culture R. Brandon Kershner; 27. Language and languages Tim Conley; 28. Philosophy Fran O'Rourke; 29. Religion Geert Lernout; 30. Science Mark Morrison; 31. Cinema Maria di Battista; 32. Sex Christine Froula; Further reading; Index.


'Featuring the contributions of thirty-two distinguished scholars of Joyce, Irish literature and history, and modernism, James Joyce in Context is an exemplary introduction to the many contextual influences on the author's career. Not only does this study succeed in elucidating Joyce's historical groundings for the present-day reader, but it departs from the traditional biographical study by focusing on Joyce scholarship as well as primary texts. In so doing, it consistently highlights the contemporary significance of Joyce's works, and by calling attention to scholarly areas that need further research, it also aids in the maintenance and development of Joyce criticism.' Christopher Devault, English Literature in Translation

'The best introduction to James Joyce scholarship available, John McCourt's James Joyce in Context draws together thirty-two essays that frame the author's works biographically, critically and historically. Its impressive variety of perspectives makes reading it feel like walking into a massive, bustling Joyce symposium where, as our luck would have it, every talk attended is a plenary - a conference of keynotes … This collection will change the way we introduce ourselves and each other to the contemporary field of Joyce studies.' Spurgeon Thompson, Irish University Review: A Journal of Irish Studies

'While reflecting on current critical trends, [this] volume succeeds in being very forward looking, as it lays down a solid foundation for students beginning work in this field, and sows the seeds for new kinds of contextual research within Joyce studies.' Journal of the English Association


Stacey Herbert, Finn Fordham, William S. Brockman, John Nash, Joseph Brooker, Sam Slote, Marian Eide, Luke Thurston, Gregory Castle, Dirk van Hulle, Jolanta Wawrzycka, Eric Bulson, Sean Latham, Cheryl Temple Herr, L. M. Cullen, Matthew Campbell, Clare Hutton, Patrick Parrinder, Jean-Michel Rabate, John McCourt, Brian Arkins, Vike Martina Plock, Michael Levenson, Timothy Martin, Brian Caraher, R. Brandon Kershner, Tim Conley, Fran O'Rourke, Geert Lernout, Mark Morrison, Maria di Battista, Christine Froula

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