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Global Health and Global Health Ethics


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What can be done about the poor state of global health? How are global health challenges intimately linked to the global political economy and to issues of social justice? What are our responsibilities and how can we improve global health? Global Health and Global Health Ethics addresses these questions from the perspective of a range of disciplines, including medicine, philosophy and the social sciences. Topics covered range from infectious diseases, climate change and the environment to trade, foreign aid, food security and biotechnology. Each chapter identifies the ways in which we exacerbate poor global health and discusses what we should do to remedy the factors identified. Together, they contribute to a deeper understanding of the challenges we face, and propose new national and global policies. Offering a wealth of empirical data and both practical and theoretical guidance, this is a key resource for bioethicists, public health practitioners and philosophers.

• Covers definitions and descriptions of global health matters, providing insight into the factors influencing global health • Provides empirical data about the state of global health and the contribution of health systems, enabling readers to understand current challenges • Includes comprehensive analysis of the causes of widening disparities in health, broadening discussion beyond biomedical considerations


Preface; Introduction; Part I. Global Health, Definitions and Descriptions: 1. What is global health? Solly Benatar and Ross Upshur; 2. The state of global health in a radically unequal world: patterns and prospects Ron Labonte and Ted Schrecker; 3. Addressing the societal determinants of health: the key global health ethics imperative of our times Anne-Emmanuelle Birn; 4. Gender and global health: inequality and differences Lesley Doyal and Sarah Payne; 5. Heath systems and health Martin McKee; Part II. Global Health Ethics, Responsibilities and Justice: Some Central Issues: 6. Is there a need for global health ethics? For and against David Hunter and Angus Dawson; 7. Justice, infectious disease and globalisation Michael Selgelid; 8. International health inequalities and global justice: toward a middle ground Norman Daniels; 9. The human right to health Jonathan Wolff; 10. Responsibility for global health? Allen Buchanan and Matt DeCamp; 11. Global health ethics: the rationale for mutual caring Solly Benatar, Abdallah Daar and Peter Singer; Part III. Analyzing Some Reasons for Poor Health: 12. Trade and health: the ethics of global rights, regulation and redistribution Meri Koivusalo; 13. Debt, structural adjustment and health Jeff Rudin and David Sanders; 14. The international arms trade and global health Salahaddin Mahmudi-Azer; 15. Allocating resources in humanitarian medicine Samia Hurst, Nathalie Mezger and Alex Mauron; 16. International aid and global health Anthony Zwi; 17. Climate change and health: risks and inequities Sharon Friel, Colin Butler and Anthony McMichael; 18. Animals, the environment and global health David Benatar; 19. The global crisis and global health Stephen Gill and Isabella Bakker; Part IV. Shaping the Future: 20. Health impact fund: how to make new medicines accessible to all Thomas Pogge; 21. Biotechnology and global health Hassan Masum, Justin Chakma and Abdallah Daar; 22. Food security and global health Lynn McIntyre and Krista Rondeau; 23. International taxation Gillian Brock; 24. Global health research: changing the agenda Tikki Pang; 25. Justice and research in developing countries Alex John London; 26. Values in global health governance Kearsley Stewart, Gerald T. Keusch and Arthur Kleinman; 27. Poverty, distance and two dimensions of ethics Jonathan Glover; 28. Teaching global health ethics James Dwyer; 29. Towards a new common sense: the need for new paradigms of global health Isabella Bakker and Stephen Gill; Index.


'A key text that is helping to define the subfield of global health ethics … it is a subfield with substantial promise, which Benatar and Brock's collection has helped to realise.' Philosophical Papers

'A keen analysis of several determinants of ill health examin[ing] crucial issues of our day, such as international arms trading, the crippling debt of poor countries, and civil war, as well as their global health implications. Benatar and Brock outline and evaluate several high profile approaches to improving the status of health around the world.' Health and Human Rights Journal


Solomon Robert Benatar, Ross Upshur, Ron Labonte, Ted Schrecker, Anne-Emmanuelle Birn, Lesley Doyal, Sarah Payne, Martin McKee, David Hunter, Angus Dawson, Michael Selgelid, Norman Daniels, Jonathan Wolff, Allen Buchanan, Matt DeCamp, Abdallah Daar, Peter Singer, Meri Koivusalo, Jeff Rudin, David Sanders, Salahaddin Mahmudi-Azer, Samia Hurst, Nathalie Mezger, Alex Mauron, Anthony Zwi, Sharon Friel, Colin Butler, Anthony McMichael, David Benatar, Stephen Gill, Isabella Bakker, Thomas Pogge, Hassan Masum, Justin Chakma, Abdallah Daar, Lynn McIntyre, Krista Rondeau, Gillian Brock, Tikki Pang, Alex John London, Kearsley Stewart, Gerald T. Keusch, Arthur Kleinman, Jonathan Glover, James Dwyer

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