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Enterprise and History


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 (ISBN-13: 9780521031578 | ISBN-10: 0521031575)

This collection of original essays is a tribute to Charles Wilson, Emeritus Professor of Modern History in the University of Cambridge and Fellow of Jesus College. They have been written by friends, colleagues and former students to honour him on his seventieth birthday. Running through the essays is the theme of enterprise in history and especially in the two fields in which Charles Wilson has been pre-eminent: business history and the economic relations of England and the Netherlands. As is appropriate for an historian with such international interests, the essays cover a wide field. They include contributions from a number of distinguished economic historians in continental Europe and the USA, as well as essays by several well-known British historians on different aspects of enterprise, including the Industrial Revolution, in Britain. The volume thus presents a comprehensive set of studies of diverse examples of the forms, consequences and interpretations of economic enterprise in history. It will thus be of substantial interest not only to business historians but also to a broad range of economic historians.


Preface; List of contributors; Part I. Images and Interpretations: 1. Comparative business history Alfred D. Chandler Jr; 2. Historians and businessmen D. C. Coleman; 3. Businessmen and their motives W. J. Reader; 4. La révolution manquée R. M. Hartwell; Part II. England and the Low Countries in Pre-Industrial Times: 5. Bruges as a trading centre in the early modern period J. A. van Houtte; 6. English re-exports and the Dutch staplemarket in the eighteenth century David Ormrod; 7. 'Little London': British merchants in Rotterdam during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries P. W. Klein; 8. Prejudice and policy: Sir George Downing as parliamentary entrepreneur Henry Roseveare; 9. The lawyer as businessman in eighteenth-century England Peter Mathias; Part III. Enterprise, Finance and Politics in the Modern World: 10. The Bank of Rome and commercial credit, 1880–1914 L. de Rosa; 11. The scientific brewer: founders and successors during the rise of the modern brewing industry Kristof Glamann; 12. Large firms in Belgium, 1892–1974: an analysis of their structure and growth Herman van der Wee; 13. 'No bloody revolutions but for obstinate reactions'? British coalowners in their context, 1919–20 Barry Supple; 14. French oil policy, 1917–30: the interaction between state and private interests R. W. Ferrier; 15. Reflections on the Dutch economic interests in the East Indies H. Baudet; Bibliography of Charles Wilson's published works; Index.


Alfred D. Chandler Jr, D. C. Coleman, W. J. Reader, R. M. Hartwell, J. A. van Houtte, David Ormrod, P. W. Klein, Henry Roseveare, Peter Mathias, L. de Rosa, Kristof Glamann, Herman van der Wee, Barry Supple, R. W. Ferrier, H. Baudet

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