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Intonation Systems


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  • Dewey number: 414/.8
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  • LC Classification: P222 .I466 1998
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    • Intonation (Phonetics)

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 (ISBN-13: 9780521395137 | ISBN-10: 0521395135)

This 1998 book is a comprehensive study of the intonation of different languages of the world, written by a team of leading scholars in the field, most of whom are native speakers of the language in question and who live or work in that country. Surveying intonation of twenty languages, the volume describes how, paradoxically, every language possesses intonation, yet the specific features of a speaker's intonation system are also highly dependent on the language, the dialect, and even the style, the mood and the attitude of the speaker. The volume introduces a new system for the multi-lingual transcription of intonation patterns. The chapters are organised following the same general outline to highlight the differences between languages. The emphasis is on description and comparison, rather than on theory, making this an invaluable sourcebook for researchers in the field.

• The first multi-lingual study of intonation • Written by native speakers of the languages examined • Emphasis on description rather than theory, making this an invaluable sourcebook for researchers


Preface Alan Cruttenden; 1. A survey of intonation systems Daniel Hirst and Albert Di Cristo; 2. Intonation in American English Dwight Bolinger; 3. Intonation in British English Daniel Hirst; 4. Intonation in German Dafydd Gibbon; 5. Intonation in Dutch Johan 't Hart; 6. Intonation in Swedish Eva Gårding; 7. Intonation in Danish Nina Grønnum; 8. Intonation in Spanish Santiago Alcoba and Julio Murillo; 9. Intonation in European Portuguese Madalena Cruz-Ferreira; 10. Intonation in Brazilian Portuguese João Antônio de Moraes; 11. Intonation in French Albert Di Cristo; 12. Intonation in Italian Mario Rossi; 13. Intonation in Romanian Laurentia Dascalu-Jinga; 14. Intonation in Russian Natalia Svetozarova; 15. Intonation in Bulgarian Anastasia Misheva and Michel Nikov; 16. Intonation in Greek Antonis Botinis; 17. Intonation in Finnish Annti Iivonen; 18. Intonation in Hungarian Ivan Fónagy; 19. Intonation in Moroccan Arabic Thami Benkirane; 20. Intonation in Japanese Isamu Abe; 21. Intonation in Thai Sudaporn Luksaneeyanawin; 22. Intonation in Vietnamese Dõ The Dung, Tran Thien Huong and Georges Boulakia; 23. Intonation in Beijing Chinese Paul Kratochvil; References; Indexes.


'The interaction of the contributions draws a clear and comprehensive picture of how intonation works, what seems to be universal and what liberties a specific dialect has.' The Linguist


Daniel Hirst, Albert Di Cristo, Dwight Bolinger, Dafydd Gibbon, Johan 't Hart, Eva Gårding, Nina Grønnum, Santiago Alcoba, Julio Murillo, Madalena Cruz-Ferreira, João Antônio de Moraes, Mario Rossi, Laurentia Dascalu-Jinga, Natalia Svetozarova, Anastasia Misheva, Michel Nikov, Antonis Botinis, Antti Iivonen, Ivan Fónagy, Thami Benkirane, Isamu Abe, Sudaporn Luksaneeyanawin, Dõ The Dung, Tran Thien Huong, Georges Boulakia, Paul Kratochvil

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