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The Economic History of Britain since 1700
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  • Page extent: 448 pages
  • Size: 228 x 152 mm
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 (ISBN-13: 9780521425216 | ISBN-10: 0521425212)

An economic history of Britain since 1700, in three volumes by 39 eminent historians and economists, this book will succeed the first edition of 'Floud and McCloskey' (published in 1981) as the leading textbook on its subject. The text has a firm economic basis, but emphasises the historical context and chronology and is written in straightforward and jargon-free English. It will appeal particularly to first and second year university students, but is also suitable for anyone interested in the history of the British economy. Volume 2 discusses the period 1860–1939, that of the height of British economic power and of painful readjustment after 1914.

• The single most up-to-date and comprehensive survey of recent British economic history • Appeal to both historians and economists • Wholly revised, re-set and expanded into three volumes for this second edition


Introduction to First Edition Roderick Floud and Deidre McCloskey; Introduction to Second edition Roderick Floud and Deidre McCloskey; 1. Britain, 1860–1914: a survey Roderick Floud; 2. Population, migration, and regional development, 1870–1939 Dudley Baines; 3. Entrepreneurship Sidney Pollard; 4. Employment relations in manufacturing and international competition William Lazonick; 5. The service industries Clive Lee; 6. British agriculture, 1860–1914 Cormac O'GrÁda; 7. Foreign investment and accumulation, 1860–1914 Michael Edelstein; 8. Imperialism: cost and benefit Michael Edelstein; 9. Money in the economy, 1870–1939 Forrest H. Capie and Geoffrey E. Wood; 10. Economic fluctuations, 1870–1913 Solomos Solomou; 11. Living standards, 1870–1914 Mary MacKinnon; 12. The interwar economy in a European mirror Barry Eichengreen; 13. The macroeconomics of the interwar years Mark Thomas; 14. Unemployment and the labour market in inter-war Britain Tim Hatton; 15. Industry and industrial organisation in the interwar years James Foreman-Peck.


Roderick Floud, Deidre McCloskey, Dudley Baines, Sidney Pollard, William Lazonick, Cormac O Grada, Michael Edelstein, Forrest H. Capie, Geoffrey E. Wood, Mary MacKinnon, Barry Eichengreen, Mark Thomas, Tim Hatton, James Foreman-Peck

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