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Eminent Economists
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  • Page extent: 324 pages
  • Size: 228 x 152 mm
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 (ISBN-13: 9780521449878 | ISBN-10: 0521449871)

An intimate view of the dominant economists of this century, scholars whose work changed the direction of the discipline, is presented in this volume. The contributors, who come from quite divergent points of the ideological compass, present their life philosophies and reflect on their conceptions of human nature, society, justice and the source of the creative impulse.

• Famous economists reveal why they do what they do • Includes the thoughts and words of eight Nobel Prize winners • ' … impressive intellectual depth and breadth of knowledge.' Library Journal


Introduction; The passion for research Mauric Allais; 'I Know a Hawk from a Handsaw' Kenneth J. Arrow; On my attitudes: sociopolitical and methodological William J. Baumol; Recollections and reflections of a comparativist Abram Bergson; From chemistry to economics and beyond Kenneth E. Boulding; My quest for economic knowledge Karl Brunner; From the inside looking out James M. Buchanan; Random walk and life philosophy Gerard Debreu; How I tried to become an economist Evsey D. Domar; Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen about himself Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen; Autobiographical notes with reflections Frank Hahn; My working philosophy Charles P. Kindleberger; My professional life philosophy L. R. Klein; Social science, ethics, and the role of the public sector Richard A. Musgrave; My apprenticeship as an economist Austin Robinson; Reflections on political economy: past, present, and future W. W. Rostow; My life philosophy: policy credos and working ways Paul A. Samuelson; My search for welfare Tibor Scitovsky; Living in interdisciplinary space Herbert A. Simon; Notes on copying Robert M. Solow; Solving the most urgent problems first Jan Tinbergen; Scientific humanism as an ideal Shigeto Tsuru; Index.


'This is a treasure trove of twenty-two immensely enjoyable autobiographical essays … virtually all write in a lively, lucid and reflective style free of technical jargoneering … almost every essay is wise, absorbing and entertaining.' Journal of Economic Issues

'This book provides a rare opportunity to sit down with an Arrow, a Samuelson, or a Tinbergen and learn that there is more to economics (and economists) than the world of theorems and econometric models. Michael Szenberg is to be congratulated for making us privy to the life philosophies of twenty-two of the world's most eminent economists. This is recommended reading for economists of all ages; it should be required for those at early stages of their careers.' Victor R. Fuchs, Stanford University

'Eminent Economists: Their Life Philosophies should fascinate anyone interested in economics, autobiography, or the creative process.' Harry M. markowitz, baruch College, City University of New York


Mauric Allais, Kenneth J. Arrow, William J. Baumol, Abram Bergson, Kenneth E. Boulding, Karl Brunner, James M. Buchanan, Gerard Debreu, Evsey D. Domar, Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen, Frank Hahn, Charles P. Kindleberger, L. R. Klein, Richard A. Musgrave, Austin Robinson, W. W. Rostow, Paul A. Samuelson, Tibor Scitovsky, Herbert A. Simon, Robert M. Solow, Jan Tinbergen, Shigeto Tsuru

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