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China's Campaign to 'Open up the West'
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  • LC Classification: HC428.N6 C439 2004
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    • China, Northwest--Economic policy--21st century--Congresses
    • China, Southwest--Economic policy--21st century--Congresses
    • China, Northwest--Economic conditions--21st century--Congresses
    • China, Southeast--Economic conditions--21st century--Congresses
    • China--Economic policy--2000---Congresses

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 (ISBN-13: 9780521613491 | ISBN-10: 0521613493)

The new campaign to 'Open Up the West' that commenced operations in January 2000 is interesting not only because of its dramatic goal of developing the western and interior regions of the People's Republic of China but also because of the ways it has been articulated. Although presented in some ways as a major state project, it was introduced almost casually into the political process, with none of the usual fanfare and perhaps even more remarkably with no great commitment of state resources. Moreover, though it has been in progress for only a relatively short period it is already clear that uncertainties attend its aims, progress and potential impact. The contested nature of the campaign to Open Up the West becomes particularly apparent if, as is the case here, the topic is approached from provincial and local levels as well as from the national perspective. This book was first published in 2004.

• A new policy that is barely researched let alone understood outside China • Provides local perspectives on national political change in order to understand the richness of the policy • Based on recent fieldwork


Preface; 1. The campaign to 'open up the West': national, provincial-level and local perspectives David S. G. Goodman; 2. The emergence of the campaign to 'open up the West': ideological formation, central decision making and the role of the provinces Heike Holbig; 3. Staged development in Xinjiang Nicolas Becquelin; 4. Qinghai and the emergence of the West: nationalities, communal interaction and national integration David S. G. Goodman; 5. Shaanxi: building a future on state support Eduard B. Vermeer; 6. Sichuan: driving capitalist development Westward Christopher A. McNally; 7. Chongqing: opportunities and risks Lijian Hong; 8. Building a Southern dynamo: Guizhou and state power Tim Oakes; 9. The mobilization of 'nature': perspectives from North-West Yunnan Ralph Litzinger.


David S. G. Goodman, Heike Holbig, Nicolas Becquelin, Eduard B. Vermeer, Christopher A. McNally, Lijian Hong, Tim Oakes, Ralph Litzinger

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