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The Cambridge History of Turkey


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 (ISBN-13: 9780521620963)

Turkey's modern history has been shaped by its society and its institutions. In this fourth volume of The Cambridge History of Turkey a team of some of the most distinguished scholars of modern Turkey have come together to explore the interaction between these two aspects of Turkish modernization. The volume begins in the nineteenth century and traces the historical background through the reforms of the late Ottoman Empire, the period of the Young Turks, the War of Independence and the founding of the Ataturk's Republic. Thereafter, the volume focuses on the Republican period to consider a range of themes including political ideology, economic development, the military, migration, Kurdish nationalism, the rise of Islamism, and women's struggle for empowerment. The volume concludes with chapters on art and architecture, literature, and a brief history of Istanbul.

• Volume 4 of The Cambridge History of Turkey traces Turkey's incarnation from empire to modern republic • Comprehensive coverage of its society, institutions and culture by an international team of scholars • A vital source of reference for students, scholars and all those interested in modern Turkey


Chronology; Acknowledgements; 1. Introduction Resat Kasaba; Part I. Ottoman Background and Transition: 2. The Tanzimat Carter Findley; 3. The reign of Abdülhamid II Benjamin Fortna; 4. The second constitutional period Sükrü Hanioglu; 5. The struggle for independence Hasan Kayali; 6. Atatürk Andrew Mango; Part II. Republic of Turkey: 7. migration and Turkey: the dynamics of state, society and politics Kemal Kirisci; 8. The migration story of Turks in Germany: from the beginning to the end Levent Soysal; 9. Politics and political parties in Republican Turkey Feroz Ahmad; 10. Economic change in twentieth century Turkey: is the glass more than half full? Sevket Pamuk; 11. Ideology, context, and interest: the Turkish military Ümit Cizre; 12. Kurds and the Turkish State Hamit Bozarslan; 13. Islam and politics in contemporary Turkey Jenny White; 14. Sufism and Islamic groups in contemporary Turkey Ahmet Yükleyen; 15. Contestation and collaboration: women's struggles for empowerment in Turkey Yesim Arat; 16. Art and architecture In Modern Turkey: the Republican period Sibel Bozdogan; 17. The novel in Turkish: narrative tradition to Nobel prize Erdag Göknar; 18. A brief history of modern Istanbul Çaglar Keyder; Bibliography.


Resat Kasaba, Carter Findley, Benjamin Fortna, Sükrü Hanioglu, Hasan Kayali, Andrew Mango, Kemal Kirisci, Levent Soysal, Feroz Ahmad, Sevket Pamuk, Ümit Cizre, Hamit Bozarslan, Jenny White, Ahmet Yükleyen, Yesim Arat, Sibel Bozdogan, Erdag Göknar, Çaglar Keyder

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