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The Dynamics of Industrial Competition
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  • Page extent: 484 pages
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 (ISBN-13: 9780521633574 | ISBN-10: 0521633575)

The Dynamics of Industrial Competition, first published in 1995, describes the internal dynamics of industries using longitudinal data that make it possible to track firms over time. It provides a comprehensive picture of a number of different aspects of firm turnover in North America that arise from the competitive process - the entry and the exit of firms, the growth and decline of incumbent firms, and the merger process. Instantaneous and cumulative measures of market dynamics are provided by examining change in both the short and the long run. Using various measures of firm turnover to proxy the amount of competition, the study examines and contextualizes the relationship between industry performance and the intensity of the competitive process.


1. Introduction; 2. Firm turnover: Greenfield entry and closedown exit; 3. Entry: exit and the merger process; 4. The rise and fall of incumbent; 5. Patterns of large and small-firm mobility; 6. Plant turnover in Canada and the United States; 7. Measures of market structure and the intensity of competition; 8. The relationship between mobility and concentration; 9. Turnover and productivity growth; 10. Merger success; 11. Turnover in domestic and foreign enterprises; 12. Industry efficiency and firm turnover; 13. Firm turnover and profitability; 14. Modeling entry; 15. Conclusion; Appendix A. Measuring firm turnover - methodology; Appendix B. Definition of concentration and mobility measures; Notes; References; Author index; Subject index.

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