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The Cambridge Companion to Reformation Theology


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 (ISBN-13: 9780521776622 | ISBN-10: 0521776627)

The European Reformation of the sixteenth century was one of the most formative periods in the history of Christian thought and remains one of the most fascinating events in Western history. The Cambridge Companion to Reformation Theology provides a comprehensive guide to the theology and theologians of the Reformation period. Each of the eighteen chapters is written by a leading authority in the field and provides an up-to-date account and analysis of the thought associated with a particular figure or movement. There are chapters focusing on lesser reformers such as Martin Bucer, and on the Catholic and Radical Reformations, as well as the major Protestant reformers. A detailed bibliography and comprehensive index allows comparison of the treatment of specific themes by different figures. This authoritative and accessible guide will appeal to students of history and literature as well as specialist theologians.

• Deals with historical figures and areas not normally covered in books on this period. Includes particularly good coverage of pre-Reformation thought and of minor figures • The most comprehensive book on this area to date, offering eighteen chapters, each written by an acknowledged expert in the field • Contains a detailed bibliography and comprehensive index to allow comparison of the treatment of particular themes by different figures


Introduction: the scope of reformation theology David Bagchi and David C. Steinmetz; 1. Late medieval theology Denis R. Janz; 2. Lollardy Wendy Scase; 3. Hussite theology and the law of God Thomas A. Fudge; 4. The theology of Erasmus Erika Rummel; 5. Luther Scott H. Hendrix; 6. Melanchthon Sachiko Kusukawa; 7. Confessional Lutheranism Robert Kolb; 8. Zwingli Peter Stephens; 9. Bucer Ian Hazlett; 10. The theology of John Calvin David C. Steinmetz; 11. John Calvin and late Calvinism: the identity of the Reformed tradition Richard A. Muller; 12. Cranmer Peter Newman Brooks; 13. The English Reformer Carl Trueman; 14. The Scottish Reformation: theology and theologians David F. Wright; 15. An introduction to Anabaptist theology Werner O. Packull; 16. Pre-Tridentine Catholic theologians David Bagchi; 17. The Council of Trent David C. Steinmetz; 18. Possible directions of future research David C. Steinmetz and David Bagchi.


'The excellent series of Companions to theologians and theological themes is enriched by the addition of this introduction to Reformation theology … Each chapter takes up a different figure, and is a helpful introduction and summary of their thought, supported by an up-to-the-minute bibliography pointing the reader to further study … high standards of scholarship and lucidity of expression are everywhere …' Baptist Times

'This is an excellent collection which fully lives up to the high standard set by this series in the past.' Contemporary Review

'… this will prove an indispensable reference for anyone who wants to progress beyond the basics of Reformation-era theology. Ordinands, in particular, will find it useful.' Church Times

'… a fine textbook for either an undergraduate or graduate course on the Reformation.' Calvin Theological Journal

'It is a delight therefore to read this introduction, not to the Reformation in general but to Reformation theology in particular. Like other volumes in the excellent Cambridge Companion series, it is written by a team of first-rate scholars in short pithy chapters which give a delicious taste of the subject. … The latest bibliography will aid those with whetted appetites who want to feast further. … These authors are fair, even sympathetic, in their attitude to the Protestant Reformers. …It is a refreshing and nuanced study, revealing the plurality of sixteenth century religion. One dominant impression left by this survey is the tremendous theological and doctrinal variety of the period.' Churchman


David Bagchi, David Steinmetz, Denis R. Janz, Wendy Scase, Thomas A. Fudge, Erika Rummel, Scott H. Hendrix, Sachiko Kusukawa, Robert Kolb, Peter Stephens, Ian Hazlett, Richard A. Muller, Peter Newman Brooks, Carl Trueman, David F. Wright, Werner O. Packull

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