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The Journals of George Eliot
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  • Page extent: 474 pages
  • Size: 228 x 152 mm
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 (ISBN-13: 9780521794572 | ISBN-10: 0521794579)

The Journals of George Eliot publishes for the first time the entire text of the surviving journals of the great Victorian novelist, and constitutes a new text by her - the closest she came to autobiography. The journals span her life from 1854, when she entered into a common-law union with George Henry Lewes, to her death in 1880, revealing the professional writer George Eliot as well as the remarkable woman Marian Evans. Many aspects of her writing life are illuminated, such as the separation of 'George Eliot' - and the account of her work's public reception - from her 'private' self, at the time she began to write fiction. The journals present a George Eliot of many moods, not only the serious sybilline figure so admired in her later years. The edition's extensive apparatus includes a chronology, introduction, headnotes to each diary, and an annotated index supplying valuable contextual and explanatory information.

• A major new autobiographical text by the great Victorian novelist, George Eliot, whose popularity is greater than ever since the screening of Middlemarch • Important insights into both professional writer and private woman • Extensive apparatus includes a chronology, introduction, headnotes to each diary, and an annotated index supplying valuable contextual and explanatory information


List of abbreviations; Preface; Acknowledgements; Chronology; Introduction; 1. Diary 1854–61: (i) Weimar, 20 July–3 November 1854; (ii) Berlin, 3 November 1854–March 1855; (iii) England, March 1855–19 June 1861; 2. Diary 1861–77; 3. Diary 1879; 4. Diary 1880; 5. Recollections of Weimar, 1854; 6. Recollections of Berlin, 1854–5; 7. Recollections of Ilfracombe, 1856; 8. Recollections of the Scilly Isles and Jersey, 1857; 9. The Making of George Eliot, 1857–9; 10. Germany, 1858; 11. Recollections of Italy, 1860; 12. Italy, 1864; 13. Normandy and Brittany, 1865; Explanatory index.


'The editors of this volume have done their work with admirable tact and persistence.' Terry Eagleton, The Independent on Sunday

'This volume forms a valuable addition to Eliot scholarship … Margaret Harris and Judith Johnston have produced a definintive work for future generations of Eliot enthusiasts and scholars.' Sally Shuttleworth, The Times Literary Supplement

'The editors, who have produced a masterly piece of work, have included a chronology, excellent notes and a most valuable 'explanatory index.' The Contemporary Review

'Unshrouded by prejudices and the various agendas of biographers, these abridged texts provide fascinating direct access to the author. The unobtrusive editing is suffciently informative without being overwhelming …'. Charlotte Cory, The Independent

'… a great contribution to scholarship … a remarkable book for which biographers, critics and readers must be grateful and by which they should be enlightened.' Barbara Hardy, The George Eliot Review

'This is a most valuable book, boon for those who wish to learn more about the remarkable woman who gave us, among others, The Mill on the Floss, Romola and Middlemarch.' Canberra Times

' [A] beautifully edited and designed work … the pleasures it offers to the reader of George Eliot are manifold … It is a work long needed. That it is interpretatively, textually, and typographically so well done makes it worth the wait.' Carol A. Martin, Boise State University

'… the real merit of this book is that it opens a whole field of these quietly resonating details, committed to the privacy of Eliot's treasured and closely guarded notebooks from 1854 to a few months before her death.' Mark Wormald, The Review of English Studies

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