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Business Performance Measurement
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  • Page extent: 380 pages
  • Size: 247 x 174 mm
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Library of Congress

  • Dewey number: 658.4/01
  • Dewey version: 21
  • LC Classification: HD58.9 .B875 2002
  • LC Subject headings:
    • Organizational effectiveness--Measurement
    • Performance--Measurement
    • Total quality management

Library of Congress Record


 (ISBN-13: 9780521803427 | ISBN-10: 052180342X)

The field of performance measurement has evolved rapidly in the last few years with the development of new measurement frameworks and methodologies, such as the balanced scorecard, the performance prism, economic value added, economic profit, activity based costing and self-assessment techniques. This multidisciplinary, international book draws together the key themes to provide an up-to-date summary of the leading ideas in business performance measurement, theory and practice. It includes viewpoints from a range of fields including accounting, operations management, marketing, strategy and organisational behaviour. The book will appeal to graduate students, managers and researchers interested in performance measurement, whatever their discipline.

• A new book in the very active field of business performance measurement • Uniquely brings together cross-disciplinary contributions in one volume • Contributions from key researchers at Harvard, Wharton, London School of Economics, Cranfield and other leading business schools


Part I. Performance Measurement - Functional Analyses: 1. Measuring performance: the accounting perspective David Otley; 2. Measuring performance: the marketing perspective Bruce Clark; 3. Measuring performance: the operations perspective Andy Neely and Rob Austin; 4. Finding performance: the new discipline in management Marshall Meyer; Part II. Performance Measurement - Theoretical Foundations: 5. A conceptual and operational delineation of performance Michel Lebas and Ken Euske; 6. Anomalies of measurement: when it works, but should not Rob Austin and Jody Hoffer Gittel; 7. Does pay for performance really motivate employees? Margit Osterloh and Bruno Frey; 8. Superior managers' tolerance to dysfunctional behaviour: a test Clive Emmanuel; Part III. Performance Measurement - Frameworks and Methodologies: 9. Performance measurement frameworks: a review Mike Kennerley and Andy Neely; 10. The critical few: first among equals as parameters for measuring strategic effectiveness Elspeth Murray and Peter Richardson; 11. Auditing measurement systems Umit Bititci, Allan Carrie and Trevor Turner; 12. Why measurement initiatives succeed and fail Mike Bourne and Andy Neely; Part IV. Performance Measurement - Practical Applications: 13. What really goes on in the name of benchmarking D. T. Mayle, Matthew Hinton, Graham Francis and Jackie Holloway; 14. Measuring marketing performance: in practice Tim Ambler and Flora Kokkinaki; 15. Loosely coupled performance measurement systems Thomas Ahrens and Chris Chapman; 16. Redefining government performance Ken Ogata and R. Gookey; Part V. Specific Measures: 17. Customer satisfaction and business performance Kai Kristensen, Anne Martensen and Lars Grønholdt; 18. Linking financial performance to employee and customer satisfaction Andy Neely and Mohammed Al Najjar; 19. Measuring innovation performance Riitta Katila; Part VI. Performance Measurement - Emerging Issues and Trends: 20. Measuring knowledge work Rob Austin and Pat Larkey; 21. Measuring ebusiness performance Andy Neely, Bernard Marr, Chris Adams and Neha Kapashi.


'… this book assembles an impressive collection of contemporary thought on the theory, practice and development of business performance measurement … a stimulating foundation for reflecting on issues and progress in performance measurement.' Accounting & Business Research


David Otley, Bruce Clark, Andy Neely, Rob Austin, Marshall Meyer, Michel Lebas, Ken Euske, Jody Hoffer Gittel, Margit Osterloh, Bruno Frey, Clive Emmanuel, Mike Kennerley, Elspeth Murray, Peter Richardson, Umit Bititci, Allan Carrie, Trevor Turner, Mike Bourne, D. T. Mayle, Matthew Hinton, Graham Francis, Jackie Holloway, Tim Ambler, Flora Kokkinaki, Thomas Ahrens, Chris Chapman, Ken Ogata, R. Gookey, Kai Kristensen, Anne Martensen, Lars Grønholdt, Mohammed Al Najjar, Riitta Katila, Pat Larkey, Bernard Marr, Chris Adams, Neha Kapashi

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