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Modern Dynamical Systems and Applications
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  • Page extent: 474 pages
  • Size: 253 x 177 mm
  • Weight: 1.03 kg

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  • Dewey number: 514/.74
  • Dewey version: 22
  • LC Classification: QA614.8 .M64 2004
  • LC Subject headings:
    • Differentiable dynamical systems
    • Katok, A. B

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 (ISBN-13: 9780521840736 | ISBN-10: 0521840732)

This volume presents a wide cross section of current research in the theory of dynamical systems and contains articles by leading researchers, including several Fields medalists, in a variety of specialties. These are surveys, usually with new results included, as well as research papers that are included because of their potentially high impact. Major areas covered include hyperbolic dynamics, elliptic dynamics, mechanics, geometry, ergodic theory, group actions, rigidity, applications. The target audience includes dynamicists, who will find new results in their own specialty as well as surveys in others, and mathematicians from other disciplines who look for a sample of current developments in ergodic theory and dynamical systems.

• Covers articles by leading experts in the field and covers broad scope of modern dynamical systems theory • A coherent and valuable collection of up-to-date summaries of the states of the field • Includes surveys of new results


1. Introduction Michael Brin, Boris Hasselblatt and Yakov Pesin; Part I. Ergodic Theory, Rigidity, Geometry: 2. Weakly mixing actions of general groups: a brief survey and an example Vitaly Bergelson and Alex Gorodnik; 3. Dynamical Morse entropy Melanie Bertelson and Michael Gromov; 4. Positive k-theory and symbolic dynamics Michael Boyle and Jack Wagoner; 5. Geometry of 2-step nilpotent Lie groups with a left invariant metric Patrick Eberlein; 6. A differential-geometric view of normal forms of contractions Renato Feres; 7. Averaging along cubes B. Host and Bryna Kra; 8. Sections for semiflows and Kakutani shift equivalence Chao-Hui Lin and Daniel Rudolph; 9. Coarsely geodesic metrics on reductive groups Herbert Abels and Gregory Margulis; 10. Algebraic Zd-actions on zero-dimensional compact Abelian groups Klaus Schmidt; 11. An invitation to rigidity theory Ralf Spatzier; 12. Remarks on magnetic flows and magnetic billiards, Finsler metrics and a magnetic analog of Hilbert's fourth problem Serge Tabachnikov; Part II. Hyperbolic Dynamics: 13. Expanding polymodials Alexander Blokh, Chris Cleveland and Michal Misiurewicz; 14. Lyapunov exponents: how frequently are dynamical systems hyperbolic? Jairo Bochi and Marcelo Viana; 15. A Hölder continuous vector field tangent to many foliations Christina Bonatti and John Franks; 16. On partially hyperbolic diffeomorphisms of 3-manifolds with commutative fundamental groups Michael Brin, Dmitri Burago and S. Ivanov; 17. Prelude to a kiss Dmitry Dolgopyat; 18. Nonuniform hpyerbolicity and elliptic dynamics Bassam Fayad; 19. Dimension product structure of hyperbolic sets Boris Hasselblatt and Jorg Schmeling; 20. Every compact manifold carries a hyperbolic Bernoulli flow Huyi Hu, Yakov Pesin and Anna Talitskaya; 21. Parameter choice for families of maps with many critical points Michael Jakobson; 22. Entropy, exponents and invariant densities for hyperbolic systems: dependence and computation Oliver Jenkinson and Mark Pollicott; 23. Some recent advances in averaging Yuri Kifer; 24. Bootstrap of regularity for integrable solutions of cohomology equations Rafael de la Llave; 25. Cone-fields, domination, and hyperbolicity Sheldon Newhouse; 26. Markov towers and stochastic properties of billiards Domokos Szasz and Tamas Varju; 27. Some questions and remarks about SL(2,R) cocycles Jean-Christophe Yoccoz.


Michael Brin, Boris Hasselblatt, Yakov Pesin, Vitaly Bergelson, Alex Gorodnik, Melanie Bertelson, Michael Gromov, Michael Boyle, Jack Wagoner, Patrick Eberlein, Renato Feres, B. Host, Bryna Kra, Chao-Hui Lin, Daniel Rudolph, Herbert Abels, Gregory Margulis, Klaus Schmidt, Ralf Spatzier, Serge Tabachnikov, Alexander Blokh, Chris Cleveland, Michal Misiurewicz, Jairo Bochi, Marcelo Vianam, Christina Bonatti, John Franks, Michael Brin, Dmitri Burago, S. Ivanov, Bassam Fayad, Dmitry Dolgopyat, Jorg Schmeling, Huyi Hu, Yakov Pesin, Anna Talitskaya, Michael Jakobson, Oliver Jenkinson, Mark Pollicott, Yuri Kifer, Sheldon Newhouse, Domokos Szasz, Tamas Varju, Jean-Christophe Yoccoz

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