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Advances in Economics and Econometrics
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  • Page extent: 444 pages
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 (ISBN-13: 9780521871532)

This is the second of three volumes containing edited versions of papers and a commentary presented at invited symposium sessions of the Ninth World Congress of the Econometric Society, held in London in August 2005. The papers summarize and interpret key developments, and they discuss future directions for a wide variety of topics in economics and econometrics. The papers cover both theory and applications. Written by leading specialists in their fields, these volumes provide a unique survey of progress in the discipline.

• The 30 most important summative statements of key topics in today's economics • Written by world-class, internationally known scholars based in North America and Europe • The most rigorous focused analyses of these subjects available anywhere


1. Empirical models of auctions Susan Athey and Philip A. Haile; 2. Identification in models of oligopoly entry Steve Berry and Elie Tamer; 3. Empirical models of imperfect competition: a discussion Liran Einav and Aviv Nevo; 4. Recent developments in the economics of price discrimination Mark Armstrong; 5. Bounded rationality in industrial organization Glenn Ellison; 6. Price discrimination and irrational consumers: discussion of Armstrong and Ellison Kenneth Hendricks; 7. Behavioral economics Colin F. Camerer; 8. Incentives and self-control Ted O'Donoghue and Matthew Rabin; 9. Discussion of behavioral economics Ariel Rubinstein; 10. Dynamic models for policy evaluation Costas Meghir; 11. Microeconometric search-matching models and matched employer-employee data Fabien Postel-Vinay and Jean-Marc Robin; 12. Discussion of 'dynamic models for policy evaluation' and 'microeconometric search-matching models and matched employer-employee data Joseph G. Altonji; 13. Field experiments in development economics Esther Duflo; 14. Institutions and development: a view from below Rohini Pande and Christopher Udry; Index.


Susan Athey, Philip A. Haile, Steve Berry, Elie Tamer, Liran Einav, Aviv Nevo, Mark Armstrong, Glenn Ellison, Kenneth Hendricks, Colin F. Camerer, Ted O'Donoghue, Matthew Rabin, Ariel Rubinstein, Costas Meghir, Fabien Postel-Vinay, Jean-Marc Robin, Joseph G. Altonji, Esther Duflo, Rohini Pande, Christopher Udry

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