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On Space and Time


  • 45 b/w illus.
  • Page extent: 320 pages
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 (ISBN-13: 9780521889261)

What is the true nature of space and time? These concepts are at the heart of science, but they remain deeply wrapped in enigma. Their structure at both the smallest pre-subatomic and the largest cosmological levels continues to defy modern physics and may require revolutionary new ideas for which science is still grasping. This unique volume brings together world leaders in cosmology, particle physics, quantum gravity, mathematics, philosophy and theology, to provide fresh insights into the deep structure of space and time. Andrew Taylor explains the evidence for dark matter and dark energy. Shahn Majid argues that space and time should be quantum. Roger Penrose explains what in his view comes before the 'Big Bang'. Alain Connes argues that matter is geometry as a fine structure to spacetime. Michael Heller explores the philosophical and theological implications of spacetime. John Polkinghorne argues for a theory of how time unfolds.

• A one-of-its-kind text exploring the true nature of space and time, born out of an open public discussion hosted by Emmanuel College, Cambridge in 2006 • Features contributions from the Sir Roger Penrose, John Polkinghorne, Alain Connes, Michael Heller, Andrew Taylor and Shahn Majid • Covers the topic from a variety of angles; from astrophysics and cosmology to theology and mathematics


Preface; 1. The dark universe A. N. Taylor; 2. Quantum spacetime and physical reality S. Majid; 3. Causality, quantum theory and cosmology R. Penrose; 4. On the fine structure of spacetime A. Connes; 5. Where physics meets metaphysics M. Heller; 6. The nature of time J. C. Polkinghorne; Index.


'… a unique collection of essays. … The non-specialist might struggle with some of the mathematic vocabulary but the philosophical content is thought provoking … a worthwhile read.' Federation of Astronomical Societies Newsletter

'… an attractive little book, featuring some highly original thinkers. The chapters by Penrose and Connes are especially good and easily worth the price of the book alone.' Mathematical Reviews


A. N. Taylor, S. Majid, R. Penrose, A. Connes, M. Heller, J. C. Polkinghorne

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