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The Handbook of Personal Area Networking Technologies and Protocols


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 (ISBN-13: 9781107287488)

This Handbook offers an unparalleled view of wireless personal area networking technologies and their associated protocols. It lifts the lid on their growing adoption within the consumer electronics, home automation, sports, health and well-being markets. Bluetooth low energy, ZigBee, EnOcean and ANT+ are comprehensively covered, along with other WPAN technologies including NFC, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth classic and high speed, and WHDI. It also features 802.11ac, the Internet of Things, Wireless USB, WiGig and WirelessHD. The Handbook shows how white space radio, cellular and Femtocells have inadvertently blurred the boundaries between personal and wide area communications, creating disruptive topologies through technology convergence. It explores how pervasive WAN technologies have spawned a new generation of consumers through the Lawnmower Man Effect and explains how our personal space has become integral to social media streams, including Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. An essential read for students, software engineers and developers, product planners, technical marketers and analysts.

• First complete and independent summary of the wireless personal-area networking domain • Discusses a wide range of new and upcoming low energy and WPAN technologies, from Bluetooth low energy to WirelessHD to Z-Wave • Numerous examples are used to put the technology in a real-world context


Part I. What's in your Area Network?: 1. It's a small wireless world; 2. What is a personal area network?; 3. The Wireless Melting Pot; Part II. The Wireless Sensor Network: 4. Introducing low power and wireless sensor technologies; 5. Bluetooth low energy; 6. Low power Wi-Fi; 7. Control your world with ZigBee; 8. Green, smart and wireless: EnOcean; 9. The Power of less: ANT; Part III. The Classic Personal Area Network: 10. Introducing classic personal area networking technologies; 11. Simplifying connectivity with NFC; 12. 802.11a/b/g/n and Wi-Fi; 13. Bluetooth: more than cable replacement; 14. Making the universal connection with WirelessUSB; 15. One standard, all devices: WHDI; Part IV. Coming Soon, So Watch This Space!: 16. Other technologies and future applications.


'Once again, Dean [Anthony Gratton] demonstrates his knowledge of the wireless standards landscape by providing a comparison of the many different technologies available. This is a valuable starting point for designers trying to unravel the complexities of the wireless world, helping them to determine the best option for their products.' Nick Hunn, independent consultant

'… the text is very readable and covers an interesting and topical subject. There are a number of other books on wireless PANs, but most seem to focus on specific subsets of technologies. In contrast, Gratton gives a broad coverage of PAN technologies. The book is an easily readable introduction for those unfamiliar with PAN technologies. In addition, the various chapters devoted to specific PAN protocols go into a good level of technical detail, which, combined with the thorough index, also make it useful as a reference.' David B. Henderson, Computing Reviews

'There is enough material in the book to make sense of any wireless standard and to start using the application-programming interface with ease. Software engineers and programmers who need guidance in this field will find great value in this book.' L. Benedicenti, Choice

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