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Corporations and Citizenship


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 (ISBN-13: 9780511451287)

It is widely accepted that corporations have economic, legal, and even social roles. Yet the political role of corporations has yet to be fully appreciated. Corporations and Citizenship serves as a corrective by employing the concept of citizenship in order to make sense of the political dimensions of corporations. Citizenship offers a way of thinking about roles and responsibilities among members of polities and between these members and their governing institutions. Crane, Matten and Moon provide a rich and multi-faceted picture that explores three relations of citizenship – corporations as citizens, corporations as governors of citizenship, and corporations as arenas of citizenship for stakeholders – as well as three contemporary reconfigurations of citizenship – cultural (identity-based), ecological, and cosmopolitan citizenship. The book revolutionizes not only our understanding of corporations but also of citizenship as a principle of allocating power and responsibility in a political community.

• Introduces new theories and concepts for analysing corporations as citizens • Provides a fresh perspective on the political role of the corporation • Considers the transformative influence of corporations on notions of citizenship


List of figures; List of tables; Foreword; Preface; 1. Introducing corporations and citizenship; Part I. Corporations and Citizenship Relationships: 2. Corporations as citizens; 3. Corporations as governments; 4. Stakeholders as citizens; Part II. Corporations and Citizenship Reconfigurations: 5. Citizenship identities and the corporation; 6. Citizenship ecologies and the corporation; 7. Citizenship, globalization and the corporation; 8. Conclusions; References; Index.


'This book offer a comprehensive, authoritative and thought provoking discussion of corporate citizenship, but it does more than explore a key theme in contemporary society. It reflects on whether corporations are transformative in and of political arenas, thus contributing to the continuing search for a political theory of the firm.' Wyn Grant, Professor of Politics, University of Warwick

'A comprehensive and sophisticated analysis of the implications of understanding the corporation as a citizen. It should stimulate fresh thinking about the political, social and environmental responsiblities of the firm and the role it can and should play in contemporary society.' David Vogel, Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley

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