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States Against Migrants


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States Against Migrants
Cambridge University Press
9780521515689 - States Against Migrants - Deportation in Germany and the United States - Edited by ANTJE ELLERMANN

States Against Migrants: Deportation in Germany and the United States

In this comparative study of the contemporary politics of deportation in Germany and the United States, Antje Ellermann analyzes the capacity of the liberal democratic state to control individuals within its borders. The book grapples with the question of why, in the 1990s, Germany responded to vociferous public demands for stricter immigration control by passing and implementing far-reaching policy reforms, whereas the United States failed to respond effectively to a comparable public mandate. Drawing on extensive field interviews, Ellermann finds that these cross-national differences reflect institutionally determined variation in socially coercive state capacity. By tracing the politics of deportation across the evolution of the policy cycle, beginning with anti-immigrant populist backlash and ending in the expulsion of migrants by street-level bureaucrats, Ellermann is also able to show that the conditions underlying state capacity systematically vary across policy stages. Whereas the ability to make socially coercive law is contingent on strong institutional linkages between the public and legislators, implementation depends on the political insulation of bureaucrats.

Antje Ellermann is Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of British Columbia. Her work has been published in Comparative Political Studies, West European Politics, and Government and Opposition. She has been the recipient of research grants from the Social Science Research Council in the United States and, in Canada, from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council and the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade.

States Against Migrants

Deportation in Germany and the United States

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University of British Columbia

Cambridge, New York, Melbourne, Madrid, Cape Town, Singapore, São Paulo, Delhi

Cambridge University Press
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Library of Congress Cataloging in Publication DataEllermann, Antje, 1971–States against migrants : deportation in Germany and the United States / Antje Ellermann.p. cm.Includes bibliographical references and index.ISBN 978-0-521-51568-9 (hardback) – ISBN 978-0-521-09290-6 (pbk.)1. United States–Emigration and immigration. 2. Deportation–United States. 3. Germany–Emigration and immigration. 4. Deportation–Germany. I. Title.JV6483.E54 2009325.43–dc22 2008042416

ISBN 978-0-521-51568-9 hardback
ISBN 978-0-521-09290-6 paperback

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In memory of my mother, Ruthild Ellermann, and for Ruby Skye, whose journey has just begun


List of Figures
Introduction:Deportation and the State
1     A Theory of Socially Coercive State Capacity
2     The Legislative Politics of Migration Control
3     Deportation and the Executive Politics of Implementation
4     Deportation and the Street-Level Politics of Implementation
5     Conclusion

List of Figures

1     Germany, deportations by reason (stacked), 1977–2001.
2     Germany, deportations by reason (in percent), 1977–2001.
3     United States, removals by reason (stacked), 1971–2002.
4     United States, deportations by reason (in percent), 1971–2002.
5     Germany, deportations and police returns, 1992–1998.
6     INS employer investigations, 1992–2001.
7     United States: noncriminal deportations and required departures, 1971–2002.

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