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Hegel, Nietzsche and the Criticism of Metaphysics
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 (ISBN-13: 9780511871115)

This study of Hegel and Nietzsche evaluates and compares their work through their common criticism of the metaphysics for operating with conceptual oppositions such as being/becoming and egoism/altruism. Dr Houlgate exposes Nietzsche's critique as employing the distinction of Life and Thought, which itself constitutes a metaphysical dualism of the kind Nietzsche attacks. By comparison Hegel is shown to provide a more profound critique of metaphysical dualism by applying his philosophy of the dialectic, which sees such alleged opposites as defining components of a dynamic. In choosing to study a theme so fundamental to both philosophers' work, Houlgate has established a framework within which to evaluate the Hegel-Nietzsche debate; to make the first full study of Nietzsche's view of Hegel's work; and to compare Nietzsche's Dionysic philosophy with Hegel's dialectical philosophy by focusing on tragedy, a subject central to the philosophy of both.


Preface; Abbreviations and translations; 1. The Hegel–Nietzsche debate; 2. Nietzsche's view of Hegel; 3. Nietzsche and metaphysics; 4. Hegel and metaphysics; 5. Speculative thought and language in Hegel's philosophy; 6. Hegel's conception of the judgement; 7. Context and the immanence of rationality in Hegel's Phenomenology; 8. Hegel and Nietzsche on tragedy; Notes; Bibliography; Index.

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