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Relativistic Fluids and Magneto-fluids


  • Page extent: 352 pages
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 (ISBN-13: 9780521018128 | ISBN-10: 0521018129)

This highly acclaimed series of monographs provides introductory accounts of specialized topics in mathematical physics for graduate students and research workers. The monographs in this series are of outstanding scholarship and written by those at the very frontiers of research. Subject areas covered include cosmology, astrophysics, relativity theory, particle physics, quantum theory, nuclear physics, statistical mechanics, condensed matter physics, plasma physics and the theory of chaos.


Preface; 1. Introduction; 2. Mathematical structure; 3. Singular hypersurfaces in space-time; 4. Propagation of weak discontinuities; 5. Relativistic simple waves; 6. Relativistic geometrical optics; 7. Relativistic asymptotic waves; 8. Relativistic shock waves; 9. Propagation of relativistic shock waves; 10. Stability of relativistic shock waves; References; Index.


'The author presents a systematic treatment of the main aspects of relativistic fluid mechanics and magnetohydrodynamics … This book, clearly written in a reasonably abstract style, may be warmly recommended to theoretical astrophysicists and applied mathematicians.' Zentralblatt MATH

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