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Human Energetics in Biological Anthropology


  • 54 b/w illus. 55 tables
  • Page extent: 248 pages
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 (ISBN-13: 9780521018524 | ISBN-10: 0521018528)

Many aspects of human activity involve energy transfer of some type. Human Energetics in Biological Anthropology considers various ways in which measurements of energy intake, expenditure and balance have been used to study human populations by biological anthropologists and human biologists. Central to this approach is the concept of adaptation and adaptability, placed in an ecological context by considering such processes in traditional subsistence economies in the developing world. This is the first volume presenting such an integrated approach, and will be useful in the teaching of biological anthropology, human population biology, nutritional anthropology, and third world nutrition at senior undergraduate and graduate student level.

• Up to date description of use of energetics methodology in human biology and biological anthropology • Raises issues relevant to third world subsistence economies • Of wide interest to human biologists of many descriptions - anthropologists, nutritionists, community health workers etc


Preface; 1. Introduction; Part I. Theory and Methods: 2. The individual and the group; 3. Methods; 4. Modelling; Part II. Energetics and Anthropology: 5. Reproductive performance; 6. Growth and body size; 7. Energy, effort and subsistence; 8. Energetics and human evolution; 9. Energy balance and seasonality; References; Index.

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