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    • Anthropometry
    • Human growth
    • Anthropometry--Methodology

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 (ISBN-13: 9780521019972 | ISBN-10: 0521019974)

Anthropometry is the measurement of human morphology, and is used in a wide range of applied and research contexts. In this volume, distinguished contributors including anthropologists, human biologists, physiologists, nutritionists and clinical scientists describe many of the ways in which anthropometry is used, and discuss problems associated with different methods of assessment. Topics include the measurement of growth asymmetry and variability in adult body size, measurement error and statistical issues in anthropometry and the construction and use of growth charts in growth monitoring. The use of anthropometry in assessments of body composition, physical performance and fitness is also discussed. The book will be of interest to graduates and researchers in human biology, anthropology and nutrition. It will also be useful to workers in sports medicine, ergonomics, orthopaedics and paediatrics.

• Wide range of uses in medicine, anthropology, sports medicine and ergonomics • Renowned contributors • First book to discuss anthropometric measurements and uses in detail


Preface; 1. The place of anthropology in human biology G. W. Lasker; 2. Asymmetry and growth P. H. Dangerfield; 3. Intra- and inter-observer error in anthropometric measurement S. J. Ulijaszek and J. A. Lourie; 4. Statistical issues in anthropometry C. G. N. Mascie-Taylor; 5. Statistical constructs of human growth: new growth charts for old T. J. Cole; 6. Growth monitoring and growth cyclicities in developed countries S. J. Ulijaszek; 7. Growth monitoring, screening and surveillance in developing countries A. Tomkins; 8. Variability in adult body size: uses in defining the limits of human survival C. J. K. Henry; 9. Anthropometry and body composition P. S. W. Davies; 10. Anthropometry and physical performance N. G. Norgan; 11. Anthropometry and physical fitness R. M. Malina; 12. Anthropometry in the U.S. Armed Forces C. C. Gordon and K. E. Friedl; Index.


G. W. Lasker, P. H. Dangerfield, S. J. Ulijaszek, J. A. Lourie, C. G. N. Mascie-Taylor, T. J. Cole, A. Tomkins, C. J. K. Henry, P. S. W. Davies, N. G. Norgan, R. M. Malina, C. C. Gordon, K. E. Friedl

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