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Economic Policy and Technological Performance


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 (ISBN-13: 9780521022217 | ISBN-10: 0521022215)

A growing awareness of the contribution that technological change has made and can make to economic and social welfare has brought science and technology policy to the forefront of public discussions in both national and international forums. The papers in this volume, first presented at a Centre for Economic Policy Research conference held in London in September 1986 on the Economics of Technology Policy, represent a wide ranging contribution to the debate. Generally aimed at the non-specialist, the papers cover both the experience and application of policy as well as providing in-depth discussions of the rationale for intervention in the process of technological change. The authors include both policy-makers (Barber, Ergas and White) and the academic economists (Dasgupta, David, Griliches, Lyons, Pakes, Stiglitz and Stoneman). The volume will be of particular interest to policy-makers and their advisers concerned with technology-related issues and will contribute significantly to undergraduate and graduate courses in the same area.


List of tables; List of figures; Preface; List of participants; Introduction Partha Dasgupta and Paul Stoneman; 1. The economic theory of technology policy: an introduction Partha Dasgupta; 2. Current policy practice and problems from a UK perspective John Barber and Geoff White; 3. The importance of technology policy Henry Ergas; 4. The value of patents as indicators of inventive activity Zvi Griliches, Ariel Pakes and Bronwyn H. Hall; 5. Learning to learn, localized and technological progress Joseph E. Stiglitz; 6. Some analytical observations on diffusion policies Paul Stoneman; 7. International trade and technology policy Bruce Lyons; 8. Some new standards for the economics of standardization in the information age Paul A. David; Index.


Partha Dasgupta, Paul Stoneman, John Barber, Geoff White, Henry Ergas, Zvi Griliches, Ariel Pakes, Bronwyn H. Hall, Joseph E. Stiglitz, Bruce Lyons, Paul A. David

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