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Music from the Tang Court


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 (ISBN-13: 9780521044523)

This volume brings to an end the transcription and historical description of items from the Court Entertainment Music of the Tang found in two collections of zither and lute scores from the end of the twelfth century. They are from two mode-key groups: twenty-three in the mode-key Ichikotsu-cho and eight in Sada-cho. Of particular interest is a tune that fits a birthplace-ode by the Taizong Emperor, composed in 632, and also music for a collective spear-throwing exercise and a piece perhaps imitating calls between sexual partners in a flock of geese. Important appendices discuss stylistic differences between music of the Tang and imitative Japanese compositions; relationships between Tang compositions with noble and military associations; and evidence of inter-relatedness between movements in suites from the Tang.

• This volume completes the transcription of a sequence of entertainment pieces from the Tang Court • This is the life work of Laurence Picken (now in his eighties) and he is well-known in ethnomusicological circles for this work • With this volume we have changed the format from A4 paperback to a smaller, more user-friendly hardback format


Preface; Acknowledgements; Abbreviations; Glossary of signs; 25. Suite: 'A New Prince of Luoling'; 26. Piece: '[Western] Liangzhou'; 27. Piece: 'Spear-Play'; 28. Suite: 'Bird(s) of the Qin River'; 29. Piece: 'Introit to 'Perfect Virtue''; 30. Piece: 'Introit to 'Peace-Music''; 31. Piece: 'Ten Devas'; Appendices; Cumulative bibliography.

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