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<I>The Times</I> and Appeasement


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 (ISBN-13: 9780521108157)

A. L. Kennedy, the son of a British diplomat, began a long career in journalism with The Times before the First World War. When he returned to the newspaper in 1919 - as Captain Kennedy - he began to keep a journal of his activities and ideas, his conversations with politicians, officials and journalists. This book is an edited and annotated selection from his journals between 1932 and 1939, during which period he served as The Times' assistant foreign editor and in which capacity he was responsible for most of the leading articles on foreign affairs. His journals provide a fascinating insight into the complicated relationship between The Times and the government: intriguing to read, they are an extremely valuable source for historians of diplomacy politics and journalism in Britain between the wars and help to illuminate our understanding of 'appeasement'.

• A valuable source for historians of inter-war diplomacy • Illuminates our understanding of appeasement • Fascinating for anyone interested in the Second World War


Notes on the text; List of abbreviations; Introduction; 1932; 1933; 1934; 1935; 1936; 1937; 1938; 1939; Appendix.


'Green has made an impressive and rich contribution.' Philip Williamson, English Historical Review

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