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Axiomatic Theories of Truth


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  • Dewey number: 121
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  • LC Classification: Q175.32.T78 H35 2011
  • LC Subject headings:
    • Truth
    • Truth--Mathematical models
    • Vérité.--ram
    • Vérité--Modèles mathématiques.--ram

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 (ISBN-13: 9780521115810)

At the centre of the traditional discussion of truth is the question of how truth is defined. Recent research, especially with the development of deflationist accounts of truth, has tended to take truth as an undefined primitive notion governed by axioms, while the liar paradox and cognate paradoxes pose problems for certain seemingly natural axioms for truth. In this book, Volker Halbach examines the most important axiomatizations of truth, explores their properties and shows how the logical results impinge on the philosophical topics related to truth. In particular, he shows that the discussion on topics such as deflationism about truth depends on the solution of the paradoxes. His book is an invaluable survey of the logical background to the philosophical discussion of truth, and will be indispensable reading for any graduate or professional philosopher in theories of truth.

• Provides an introduction and overview of developments in a field that is highly important for the discussion of truth • Connects results in mathematical logic with the discussion of truth in philosophy • Includes background of the most recent research literature


Preface; 1. Foundations; 2. Typed truth; 3. Type-free truth; 4. Ways to the truth; 5. Index of systems; Bibliography; Index.


'… the first book-length study wholly devoted to its topic, and will be indispensable both to those already at work on axiomatic theories of truth and to students seeking to enter the field.' Studia Logica

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