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The New Physics


  • Page extent: 556 pages
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 (ISBN-13: 9780521140027)

Underpinning all the other branches of science, physics affects the way we live our lives, and ultimately how life itself functions. Recent scientific advances have led to dramatic reassessment of our understanding of the world around us, and made a significant impact on our lifestyle. In this book, leading international experts, including Nobel prize winners, explore the frontiers of modern physics, from the particles inside an atom to the stars that make up a galaxy, from nano-engineering and brain research to high-speed data networks. Revealing how physics plays a vital role in what we see around us, this book will fascinate scientists of all disciplines, and anyone wanting to know more about the world of physics today.

• A fascinating account of the hottest topics in physics, for scientists in all fields and anyone interested in the world of physics • Contains contributions from world leading experts in physics, including Nobel prize winners • Explores physics, from the particles inside an atom to the stars that make up a galaxy, from nano-engineering and brain research to high-speed data networks


Introduction Gordon Fraser; Part I. Matter and the Universe: 1. Cosmology Wendy Freedman and Rocky Kolb; 2. Gravity Ronald Adler; 3. Astrophysics Arnon Dar; 4. Particles and the standard model Chris Quigg; 5. Superstrings Michael Green; Part II. Quantum Matter: 6. Atoms and photons Claude Cohen-Tannoudji and Jean Dalibard; 7. The quantum world of ultra-cold atoms Christopher Foot and William Phillips; 8. Superfluidity Henry Hall; 9. Quantum phase transitions Subir Sachdev; Part III. Quanta in Action: 10. Quantum entanglement Anton Zeilinger; 11. Quanta, ciphers and computers Artur Ekert; 12. Small-scale structure and nanoscience Yoseph Imry; Part IV. Calculation and Computation: 13. Nonlinearity Henry Abarbanel; 14. Complexity Antonio Politi; 15. Collaborative physics, e-science and the grid Tony Hey and Anne Trefethen; Part V. Science in Action: 16. Biophysics Cyrus Safinya; 17. Medical physics Nicolaj Pavel; 18. Physics and materials Robert Cahn; 19. Physics and society Ugo Amaldi.


'It is beautifully presented and, given the contributor list, authoritative … I wholeheartedly recommend it to researchers, postgraduate students and perhaps advanced undergraduates in the sciences.' The Times Higher Education Supplement

'… accessible to a general readership … presents topics that can be usefully pondered by those with little background in physics … written at a level that can be digested by eager undergraduates but will also be instructive to experienced physicists … several physicist colleagues have passed on unsolicited praise of the level of presentation.' Physics World

'The message of The New Physics for the Twenty-first Century is that the most fundamental problems remain elusive, but the magnificent tools that have been developed during the past decade have opened up new vistas on subjects once thought to be familiar.' Physics Web

'I came across The New Physics For the Twenty-First Century about a year ago, and it struck me how appropriate it is for 'Survey of Real Physics' courses of this sort. For starters, the list of topics is incredibly diverse, and I can't think of anything of current interest that isn't covered in some amount of detail … even a cursory glance shows that the people writing the articles are leaders in their fields. Who better to learn from? Third, not only are the authors big, but they're good – the writing is incredibly concise, yet lucid, and any of the chapters are accessible to most 2nd or 3rd year physics undergraduates, or anyone else who's been exposed to a decent amount of physics … All in all, I highly recommend this book.'

'… this book will be an excellent addition to any physicist's library. The net effect of reading it could be likened to having a year-long series of engaging speakers at the weekly departmental colloquium - one after another brilliantly elucidating the advances in their field, but making their talks comprehensible for everyone who attended even if they came only for the cookies and punch!' The Physics Teacher

'The beauty of the book lies in the opportunity that it provides the reader: a glimpse of cutting edge research in physics explained by the most prominent researchers in their respective areas. It is so well put together that it reads as a unit with cross-references throughout the text.' Contemporary Physics


Gordon Fraser, Wendy Freedman, Rocky Kolb, Ronald Adler, Arnon Dar, Chris Quigg, Michael Green, Claude Cohen-Tannoudji, Jean Dalibard, Christopher Foot, William Phillips, Henry Hall, Subir Sachdev, Anton Zeilinger, Artur Ekert, Yoseph Imry, Henry Abarbanel, Antonio Politi, Tony Hey, Anne Trefethen, Cyrus Safinya, Nicolaj Pavel, Robert Cahn, Ugo Amaldi

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