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Illustrating BASIC


  • Page extent: 148 pages
  • Size: 198 x 129 mm
  • Weight: 0.15 kg


 (ISBN-13: 9780521217040 | ISBN-10: 0521217040)

To make a computer do a calculation, however simple, you must describe every step of that calculation in a language the computer can understand: this description is called a program. This book presents a popular and widely available language called BASIC and explains how to write simple programs in it.


Preface; 1. Components of the language; 2. Input and output, expressions and functions; 3. Control; 4. Arrays; 5. Matrices; 6. Complete example programs; 7. Commands and signing on; 8. Files of data; 9. Syntax; Index.


'A unique feature of the book is the method of presentation which the author has adopted, namely the whole work is hand-lettered! This presentation, coupled with its guinea-a-minute information must surely make the book a winner for the educational and personal computing market. Especially to be applauded is Alcock's attempt to make the basic he describes as machine-independent as possible, and to this end he examined eleven different versions of the language and points out their variations. No one interested in computing (or presentation of information) should be without this fascinating work.' Computer Bulletin

'Humane, interesting, comprehensive, and excellent value for money. Congratulations to the author. Very highly recommended.' Practical Computing

'Donald Alcock has written a book which should become a classic.' Personal Computer World

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