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The Great Church in Captivity
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  • Page extent: 468 pages
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 (ISBN-13: 9780521313100 | ISBN-10: 0521313104)

This is Sir Steven Runciman's established and widely admired classic account of the Patriarchate of Constantinople, first published in 1968. The Great Church, as the Greeks called the Orthodox Patriarchate, was the spiritual centre of the Byzantine world. The Church's survival during the four centuries of Turkish rule which followed the fall of Constantinople bore witness to its strenght and to the unquenchable vitality of Hellenism. Sir Steven Runciman's history of the Great Church in this period is written with scholarship, sympathy and style.


Preface; Part I. The Church on the Eve of the Turkish Conquest: 1. The background; 2. The structure of the church; 3. Church and state; 4. The church and the churches; 5. The church and the philosophers; 6. The theology of mysticism; 7. The end of the empire; Part II. The Church Under the Ottoman Sultans: 8. The new pattern; 9. The church and the infidel state; 10. The church and education; 11. The church and the churches: constantinople and Rome; 12. The church and the churches: the Lutheran approach; 13. The church and the churches: the Calvinist patriarch; 14. The church and the churches: the Anglican experiment; 15. Constantinople and Moscow; 16. The definition of doctrine; 17. The phanariots; 18. The church and the Greek people; 19. Epilogue; Bibliography; Index.

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