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Beauty, Health, and Permanence
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  • Page extent: 648 pages
  • Size: 228 x 152 mm
  • Weight: 0.88 kg


 (ISBN-13: 9780521389280 | ISBN-10: 0521389283)

Bringing together a wide range of environmental issues that have been debated since the mid-1950s, this book views these issues as a result of changes in values in American society since World War II. The author explores such substantive issues as pollution, natural lands, chemical carcinogens, and population-resources balances. He examines the politics of environmental science, economic analysis, planning, and management, and traces the impact of environmental issues on local, state, and federal government. The book explores political controversy to shed light on the working of political institutions and to establish their relationship to social change.


Preface; Introduction: Environmental Politics - the New and the Old; 1. From conservation to environment; 2. Variation and pattern in the environmental impulse; 3. The urban environment; 4. The nation's wildlands; 5. The countryside: A land rediscovered, yet threatened; 6. The toxic environment; 7. Population, resources, and the limits to growth; 8. Environmental inquiry and ideas; 9. The environmental opposition; 10. The politics of science; 11. The politics of economic analysis and planning; 12. The middle ground: Management of environmental restraint; 13. Environmental politics in the States; 14. The politics of legislation, administration, and litigation; 15. The Reagan antienvironmental revolution; 16. Environmental society and environmental politics; Notes; Index.

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