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Freedoms Won


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  • LC Subject headings:
    • Slavery--Caribbean Area--History
    • Slaves--Caribbean Area--History
    • Slave labor--Caribbean Area--History
    • Caribbean Area--Social conditions

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 (ISBN-13: 9780521435451 | ISBN-10: 0521435455)

Written by two of the Caribbean's leading historians, Freedoms Won is an essential book for students engaged in following courses on the history of the Caribbean. It will also be of interest to general readers seeking information on the history of the region. Starting with the aftermath of emancipation, Freedoms Won covers the African-Caribbean peasantry, Asian arrival in the Caribbean, social and political experiences of the working classes in the immediate post-slavery period, the Caribbean economy, US intervention and imperialst tendencies from the 18th century, the Labour Movement in the Caribbean in the 20th centurym the social life and culture of the Caribbean people, and social protest, decolonisation and nationhood.


1. The limits of emancipation: freedom contained in Haiti 1804-1844, 2. Freedom without liberty:1833-1866, 3. New rights-old wrongs, 1804-1890, 4. The African-Caribbean peasantry, 5. Peasants and production, 6. Immigrant labourers - new terms of bondage, 7. Indian arrival, 8. Chinese, Javanaese and other arrivals, 9. The new working classes: social and political experiences 1834-1900, 10. Re-organised sugar economy 1846-circa 1985, 11. Agricultural diversification and industrialisation, 12. Emigration and the economy, 13. US poliltical influence and military intervention since the 19th Century, 14. The labour movement and development, 15. Caribbean civilisation1: social life and culture 1888-1962. 16. Caribbean civilisation 2: work, leisure and artistic culture, 17. Nationalism, decolonisation, independence, 18. Political leaders, national freedom and regional integration.

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