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The Morals of Modernity
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  • Page extent: 240 pages
  • Size: 228 x 152 mm
  • Weight: 0.36 kg

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  • Dewey number: 170/.9/04
  • Dewey version: 20
  • LC Classification: BJ319 .L37 1996
  • LC Subject headings:
    • Ethics, Modern--20th century
    • Ethics
    • Arts, European--18th century

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 (ISBN-13: 9780521497725 | ISBN-10: 0521497728)

The essays collected in this volume all explore the problem of the relation between moral philosophy and modernity. Charles Larmore addresses this problem by attempting to define the way distinctive forms of modern experience should orientate our moral thinking. Charles Larmore wonders whether the dominant forms of modern philosophy have not become blind to important dimensions of the moral life. The book argues against recent attempts to return to the virtue-centered perspective of ancient Greek ethics. As well as exploring the differences between ancient and modern ethics, the author examines such topics as the roles of reason and history in our moral understanding, the inadequacy of philsophical naturalism, and the foundations of modern liberalism. There are also extended discussions of a number of leading contemporary philosophers: Rawls, Habermas, Williams and Rorty.

• Larmore is a well-known philosopher whose earlier book for Cambridge still sells well • Presents discussion of important contemporary philosophers such as Rawls, Habermas, Williams and Rorty


Part I. Modern Ethics: 1. The right and the good; 2. Beyond religion and enlightenment; 3. The secret philosophy of Leo Strauss; Part II. Beyond Naturalism: 4. Nietzsche's legacy; 5. Moral knowledge; Part III. Liberalism and Modernity: 6. Political liberalism; 7. Pluralism and reasonable disagreement; 8. Carl Schmitt's critique of liberal democracy; 9. Modernity and the disunity of reason; 10. The foundation of modern democracy: reflections on Jurgen Habermas.

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