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The Changing Shape of Geometry


  • 300 b/w illus.
  • Page extent: 560 pages
  • Size: 247 x 174 mm
  • Weight: 1.177 kg


 (ISBN-13: 9780521531627 | ISBN-10: 0521531624)

Celebrating a century of geometry and geometry teaching, this book will give the reader an enjoyable insight into all things geometrical. There are a wealth of popular articles including sections on Pythagoras, the golden ratio and recreational geometry. Historical items, drawn principally from the Mathematical Gazette, are authored by mathematicians such as G. H. Hardy, Rouse Ball, Thomas Heath and Bertrand Russell as well as some more recent expositors. Thirty 'Desert Island Theorems' from distinguished mathematicians and educationalists give light to some surprising and beautiful results. Contributors include H. S. M. Coxeter, Michael Atiyah, Tom Apostol, Solomon Golomb, Keith Devlin, Nobel Laureate Leon Lederman, Carlo Séquin, Simon Singh, Christopher Zeeman and Pulitzer Prizewinner Douglas Hofstadter. The book also features the wonderful Eyeball Theorems of Peruvian geometer and web designer, Antonio Gutierrez. For anyone with an interest in mathematics and mathematics education this book will be an enjoyable and rewarding read.

• Includes contributions from many distinguished mathematicians • Articles on history, recreational geometry and desert island theorems give insights into some surprising and beautiful results


Introduction; 1. The nature of geometry; 2. Desert island theorems - Greek geometry; 3. The history of geometry; 4. Desert island theorems - elementary Euclidean geometry; 5. Pythagoras' theorem; 6. Desert island theorems - advanced Euclidean geometry; 7. The golden ratio; 8. Desert island theorems - non-Euclidean geometry and topology; 9. Recreational geometry; 10. Desert island theorems - geometrical physics; 11. The teaching of geometry; Appendices.


' … I would recommend this book to anyone who likes geometry; whatever level of experience you have with geometry, you are likely to enjoy the presentation of such a variety of geometrical ideas by the many prestigious authors.' Eureka

'… this book impresses from a first look and never fails to amaze, entertain, educate and inform … this is a book that inspires, and part of the inspiration is that it contains what is probably Coxeter's last piece of writing on geometry. This is one reason amongst so many to buy this book. The Changing Shape of Geometry is, as it intends, a celebration and deserves celebrating as a masterly achievement.' Mathematics in School

'The book will provide many hours of enjoyment for any ehtusiast.' EMS Newsletter

'There are many hidden pearls, as well as some new or little-known proofs of well-known theorems, which will delight the enthusiast and convert the geometrophobe.' Mathematika

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