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The Cambridge Companion to Herodotus


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 (ISBN-13: 9780521536837 | ISBN-10: 0521536839)

Herodotus' Histories is the first major surviving prose work from antiquity. Its range of interests is immense, covering the whole of the known world and much beyond, and it culminates in a detailed account of the Persian Wars of the early fifth century BC. Moreover, research has shown that Herodotus is a sophisticated and at times even ironic narrator, and a pioneer and serious practitioner of historical research at a time when the Greeks' traditions about their past were still the fluid transmissions and memories of a largely oral society. This Companion provides a series of accessible chapters, written by distinguished scholars, illuminating many aspects of Herodotus' work: his skill in language and his narrative art; his intellectual preconceptions; his working methods and techniques; his attitude towards nature and the gods; his attitude towards foreign cultures and peoples; and his view of human life and human history.

• Introduces Herodotus as an historical practitioner and as a social commentator • Offers both the novice reader and the expert the best in contemporary scholarship and critical insights • Provides guides to further reading, a glossary of key terms and a timeline


Introduction Carolyn Dewald and John Marincola; 1. Herodotus and the poetry of the past John Marincola; 2. Herodotus and his prose predecessors Robert Fowler; 3. Herodotus and tragedy Jasper Griffin; 4. The intellectual milieu of Herodotus Rosalind Thomas; 5. Meta-historiê: method and genre in the Histories Nino Luraghi; 6. The syntax of historiê: how Herodotus writes Egbert Bakker; 7. Speech and narrative in the Histories Christopher Pelling; 8. Herodotus, Sophocles and the woman who wanted her brother saved Carolyn Dewald and Rachel Kitzinger; 9. Stories and story-telling in the Histories Alan Griffiths; 10. Humour and danger in Herodotus Carolyn Dewald; 11. Location and dislocation in Herodotus Rachel Friedman; 12. Herodotus and the natural world James Romm; 13. Herodotus and Greek religion Scott Scullion; 14. Warfare in Herodotus Lawrence Tritle; 15. Herodotus, political history and political thought Sara Forsdyke; 16. Herodotus and the cities of mainland Greece Philip Stadter; 17. Herodotus and Italy Rosaria Munson; 18. Herodotus and Persia Michael Flower; 19. Herodotus and foreign lands Tim Rood; 20. Herodotus' influence in antiquity Simon Hornblower; Glossary; Timeline.


Carolyn Dewald, John Marincola, Robert Fowler, Jasper Griffin, Rosalind Thomas, Nino Luraghi, Egbert Bakker, Christopher Pelling, Rachel Kitzinger, Alan Griffiths, Rachel Friedman, James Romm, Scott Scullion, Lawrence Tritle, Sara Forsdyke, Philip Stadter, Rosaria Munson, Michael Flower, Tim Rood, Simon Hornblower

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