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The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Human Growth and Development
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  • 135 b/w illus. 2 maps 82 tables
  • Page extent: 509 pages
  • Size: 276 x 219 mm
  • Weight: 2.06 kg

Library of Congress

  • Dewey number: 612.6/03
  • Dewey version: 21
  • LC Classification: QP84 .C26 1998
  • LC Subject headings:
    • Human growth--Encyclopedias
    • Developmental psychology--Encyclopedias
    • Human Development--encyclopedias
    • Growth--encyclopedias
    • Fetal Development--encyclopedias

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 (ISBN-13: 9780521560467 | ISBN-10: 0521560462)

The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Human Growth and Development is a comprehensive but accessible account of the current understanding of the factors affecting human growth and development. Over 120 internationally renowned experts have contributed to the book, covering topics such as fetal and post-natal growth, the relative impact of genetic and environmental factors, behavioural development, growth abnormalities, the human lifespan and the prospects for future generations. Extensively illustrated with photographs, graphs and diagrams, it offers a great breadth of topic coverage, providing insights into the subject for those not familiar with the areas as well as being essential reading for all students and professionals interested in growth and development, child health and nutrition.

• Written by 127 of the world's leading experts in the area • Concise, readable accounts of the current issues in the field • Great breadth of coverage


Part I. Measurement and Assessment N. Cameron; Part II. Patterns of Human Growth B. Bogin; Part III. Genetics of Growth S. J. Ulijaszek; Part IV. Fetal Growth I. Hughes; Part V. Postnatal Growth and Maturation R. Malina; Part VI. Behavioural and Cognitive Development P. Parisi; Part VII. Clinical Growth Abnormalities M. Preece; Part VIII. Environmental Factors Influencing Birth Weight L. Schell; Part IX. Ecology of Postnatal Growth F. Johnston; Part X. Between-Population Differences in Human Growth S. Ulijaszek; Part XI. Changing Human Growth Patterns G. Lindgren; Part XII. The Human Lifespan S. Ulijaszek; part of the development process D. Crews, and G. Harper; Part XIII. The Future S. Ulijaszek; Part XIII. The Future S. Ulijaszek.


'Written by many distinguished academics from around the world, this work presents human growth and development in short, easy-to-understand chapters. The result is a rich resource full of detailed and relevant information on all aspects of growth and development across the human life span … no other current work looks at growth and development in this same way.' Library Journal

'The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Human Growth and Development displays all the usual qualities which have come to mark these books out as outstanding works of reference … anyone interested in the subject will not be disappointed.' New Scientist

'The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Human Growth and Development has something for everyone: genetics, embryology, environmental influences, endocrinology, secular trends, history, and biography.' British Medical Journal

' … this book may be viewed as the 'Britannica' for human growth and development.' Lee Meadows Jantz, American Journal of Physical Anthropology

'The editors are to be congratulated on a splendid achievement. They have produced a wonderfully organized and illustrated text; to dip into it will be a continuing source of information and pleasure. No department that has anything to do with human biology should be without it.' Journal of Biosocial Science


James Tanner, N. Cameron, R. O'Rahilly, F. Muller, H. Meire, F. E. Johnston, P. Jones, J. Peters, B. Zemel, A. Robins, E. F. Harris, I. Hughes, M. F. Rolland-Cachera, T. Bielicki, C. G. N. Macie-Taylor, P. Eveleth, T. J. Cole, B. Bogin, S. J. Ulijaszek, B. T. Shea, J. Karlberg, F. E. Johnston, R. Hauspie, C. Susanne, W. Mueller, K. M. Weiss, D. Stock, Z. Zhao, M. J. Dauncey, J. M. Pell, M. Hernandez, I. Brandt, J. Haas, R. Malina, P. Hindmarsh, S. Petersen, M. Wailoo, R. Malina, W. Stini, N. Kember, D. Jones, A. Goodman, N. Norgan, P. Ellison, P. Parisi, M. Monnot, R. Stevens, M. Preece, C. Brook, L. Schell, D. Gibb, K. Formica, K. Landzelius

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