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Cambridge Handbook of Psychology, Health and Medicine


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  • LC Classification: R726.5 .C354 2007
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    • Medicine and psychology--Handbooks, manuals, etc
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 (ISBN-13: 9780521605106)

Cambridge Handbook of Psychology, Health and Medicine
Cambridge University Press
978-0-521-87997-2 - Cambridge Handbook of Psychology, Health and Medicine: Second edition - by Susan Ayers
Table Of Contents


List of contributorspage xi
Part I Psychology, health and illness

Section I Psychological aspects of health and illness
Adolescent lifestyle5
Leif Edvard Aarø
Age and physical functioning10
Gail Williamson and David Shaffer
Age and cognitive functioning15
David Shaffer and Gail Williamson
Ageing and health20
Elaine Leventhal
Architecture and health23
Angela Liegey Dougall, Stacie Spencer and Andrew Baum
Attributions and health26
Yael Benyamini, Howard Leventhal and Elaine Leventhal
Childhood influences on health33
Julie Turner-Cobb
Children's perceptions of illness and death38
Richard Boles and Michael Roberts
Coping with bereavement41
Margaret Stroebe, Henk Schut and Wolfgang Stroebe
Coping with chronic illness46
Keith Petrie and Lisa Reynolds
Coping with chronic pain50
Naomi Lester, Francis Keefe, Meredith Rumble and Jeffrey Labban
Coping with death and dying55
Colin Murray Parkes
Coping with stressful medical procedures59
Yael Benyamini
Cultural and ethnic factors in health64
John Berry and David Sam
Delay in seeking help70
Suzanne Scott
Diet and health75
Jane Ogden
Timothy Elliott and Laura Dreer
Emotional expression and health84
Richard Slatcher and James Pennebaker
Expectations and health87
James Maddux
Gender issues and women's health92
Jane Ussher
The health belief model97
Charles Abraham and Paschal Sheeran
Health-related behaviours: common factors102
Timothy Carmody
Hospitalization in adults109
Rachael Powell and Marie Johnston
Hospitalization in children113
Thomas Whelan
Hostility and Type A behaviour in coronary artery disease119
Willem Kop and David Krantz
Lay beliefs about health and illness124
Howard Leventhal, Yael Benyamini and Cristina Shafer
Life events and health128
Tirril Harris
Men's health132
Christina Lee and Glynn Owens
Noise: effects on health137
Staffan Hygge
Pain: a multidimensional perspective141
Dennis Turk and Tasha Burwinkle
Perceived control148
Kenneth Wallston
Personality and health151
Stephanie Stone and Robert McCrae
Physical activity and health155
Neville Owen, Kym Spathonis and Eva Leslie
Irving Kirsch
Elizabeth Bachen, Sheldon Cohen and Anna Marsland
Christopher Bass
Quality of life178
Lena Ring
Religion and health182
Karen Hye-cheon Kim and Harold Koenig
Risk perception and health behaviour187
Baruch Fischhoff
Self-efficacy in health functioning191
Albert Bandura
Sexual risk behaviour194
Lorraine Sherr
Sleep and health198
Jason Ellis
Social support and health202
Thomas Wills and Michael Ainette
Socioeconomic status and health207
Lion Shahab
Robert West and Ainsley Hardy
Stress and health215
Susan Ayers and Andrew Steptoe
Symptom perception219
Elizabeth Broadbent and Keith Petrie
Theory of planned behaviour223
Stephen Sutton
Transtheoretical model of behaviour change228
Stephen Sutton
Unemployment and health232
Stanislav Kasl and Beth Jones
Section II Psychological assessment
Brain imaging and function239
Erin Bigler
Communication assessment242
Linda Worrall
Coping assessment245
Ellen Skinner
Diagnostic interviews and clinical practice251
Richard Rogers and Peggilee Wupperman
Disability assessment256
Raymond Fitzpatrick
Health cognition assessment260
Brian McMillan and Mark Conner
Health status assessment266
Ann Bowling
Illness cognition assessment268
Ad Kaptein and Elizabeth Broadbent
IQ testing273
Robert Sternberg
Assessment of mood278
Michele Tugade, Tamlin Conner and Lisa Feldman Barrett
Neuropsychological assessment287
Jane Powell
Neuropsychological assessment of attention and executive functioning290
Melissa Lamar and Amir Raz
Neuropsychological assessment of learning and memory294
Nancy Chiaravalloti, Amanda O'Brien and John DeLuca
Pain assessment300
Sandra Waters, Kim Dixon, Lisa Caitlin Perri and Francis Keefe
Patient satisfaction assessment304
Susan Eisen
Psychoneuroimmunology assessments309
Andrew Baum and Angela Liegey Dougall
Qualitative assessment314
Felicity Bishop and Lucy Yardley
Quality of life assessment319
Ann Bowling
Social support assessment321
Brian Lakey and Jay Cohen
Stress assessment326
Andrew Baum and Angela Liegey Dougall
Section III Psychological intervention
Behaviour therapy333
Gerald Davison
Robert Gatchel, Carl Noe and Raymond Gaeta
Cognitive behaviour therapy340
Andrew Eagle and Michael Worrell
Community-based interventions344
Deborah Polk, Christie King and Kenneth Heller
Robert Bor and John Allen
Group therapy352
Peter Hajek
Health promotion355
Gerjo Kok
Michael Heap
Motivational interviewing363
Janet Treasure and Esther Maissi
Neuropsychological rehabilitation367
Barbara Wilson
Pain management370
Stephen Morley
Physical activity interventions375
Michael Ussher
Psychodynamic psychotherapy379
Jo-anne Carlyle
Psychosocial care of the elderly383
Jennifer Morse and Charles Reynolds, III
Relaxation training389
Michael Bruch
Self-management interventions393
Kathleen Mulligan and Stanton Newman
Social support interventions397
Benjamin Gottlieb
Stress management403
Dianna Kenny
Worksite interventions407
Paul Estabrooks and Russell Glasgow
Section IV Healthcare practice
Adherence to treatment417
Rob Horne
Attitudes of health professionals421
Hannah McGee
Breaking bad news423
Katherine Joekes
Burnout in health professionals427
Christina Maslach
Communicating risk431
David French and Theresa Marteau
Healthcare professional–patient communication435
John Weinman
Healthcare work environments439
Rudolf Moos, Jeanne Schaefer and Bernice Moos
Informed consent444
Robin Fiore
Interprofessional education in essence449
Hugh Barr
Medical decision-making454
Clare Harries and Peter Ayton
Medical interviewing459
Jonathan Silverman
Patient-centred healthcare468
Peter Bower and Nicki Mead
Patient safety and iatrogenesis472
Maria Woloshynowych and Charles Vincent
Patient satisfaction477
Raymond Fitzpatrick
Psychological support for healthcare professionals482
Valerie Sutherland
Patricia Loft, Geraldine Meechan and Keith Petrie
Screening in healthcare: general issues490
Anne Miles
Shiftwork and health496
Katharine Parkes
Stress in health professionals500
Chris McManus
Claus Vögele
Teaching communication skills510
Angela Hall and Jane Kidd
Written communication517
Lorraine Noble
Part II Medical topics

Pauline Slade
Accidents and unintentional injuries527
Robert Frank and Andrea Lee
Stephen Kellett
Alcohol abuse534
Michael Sayette
Allergies to drugs537
Mary Gregerson
Allergies to food540
Mary Gregerson
Allergies: general543
Mary Gregerson
Barbara Wilson and Narinder Kapur
Amputation and phantom limb pain548
Ronald Melzack and Joel Katz
Anaesthesia and psychology551
Keith Millar
Antenatal care554
Kirstie McKenzie-McHarg and Rachel Rowe
Aphasia recovery, treatment and psychosocial adjustment556
Chris Code
Ad Kaptein and Klaus Rabe
Back pain563
Amanda C. de C. Williams
Blindness and visual disability565
Linda Pring
Blood donation567
Sarah Afuwape
Antony Manstead
Burn injuries: psychological and social aspects572
Claire Phillips
Cancer: breast577
Alice Simon and Kathryn Robb
Cancers of the digestive tract581
Sharon Manne
Cancer: general584
Barbara Andersen and Laura Simonelli
Cancer: gynaecologic591
Kristen Carpenter and Barbara Andersen
Cancer: head and neck595
Gerry Humphris
Cancer: Hodgkin's and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma598
Jennifer Devlen
Cancer: leukaemia601
Janelle Wagner and Ronald Brown
Cancer: lung605
Angela Liegey Dougall
Cancer: prostate607
Stephen Lepore and Katherine Roberts
Cancer: skin610
Ron Borland and Suzanne Dobbinson
Carotid artery disease and treatment613
Jan Stygall and Stanton Newman
Ingela Thuné-Boyle
Child abuse and neglect619
Kevin Browne and Catherine Hamilton-Giachritsis
Chromosomal abnormalities625
Jeremy Turk
Chronic fatigue syndrome629
Ruth Cairns and Trudie Chalder
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD): chronic bronchitis and emphysema631
Ad Kaptein and Klaus Rabe
Cleft lip and palate634
Brent Collett and Matthew Speltz
Cold, common637
Anna Marsland, Sheldon Cohen and Elizabeth Bachen
Complementary medicine639
Felicity Bishop and George Lewith
Beth Alder
Coronary heart disease: impact644
Paul Bennett
Coronary heart disease: cardiac psychology 648
Robert Allan, Stephen Scheidt and Christopher Smith
Coronary heart disease: heart failure654
Kathleen Mulligan and Stanton Newman
Coronary heart disease: rehabilitation656
Robert Lewin
Coronary heart disease: surgery659
Jan Stygall and Stanton Newman
Cystic fibrosis662
Claire Glasscoe
Acquired hearing loss665
Laurence McKenna and David Scott
Jenny Rusted
Diabetes mellitus670
Alison Woodcock and Clare Bradley
Domestic violence, intimate partner violence and wife battering674
Irene Frieze and Maureen McHugh
Drug dependency: benzodiazepines675
Heather Ashton
Drug dependence: opiates and stimulants679
Michael Gossop
Drugs: beta-blockers683
Sari Holmes and David Krantz
Drugs: psychotropic medication685
Andrew Scholey, Andy Parrott and David Kennedy
Christine Temple
Eating disorders690
Eric Stice and Heather Shaw
David J. de L. Horne and Elizabeth Coombes
Endocrine disorders696
Eric Storch and Gary Geffken
Martin Herbert
Graham Scambler
Epstein–Barr virus infection705
Rona Moss-Morris and Meagan Spence
Facial disfigurement and dysmorphology708
Nichola Rumsey
Fetal wellbeing: monitoring and assessment711
Peter Hepper, James Dornan and Dan McKenna
Gastric and duodenal ulcers714
Paul Bennett
Growth retardation716
Michael Preece
Ivana Marková
Head injury720
Erin Bigler
Headache and migraine724
Bjørn Ellertsen
John Green
Michael Antoni and Adam Carrico
Hormone replacement therapy732
Christine Stephens
Hospital acquired infection736
Jan Stygall and Stanton Newman
Huntington's disease738
Maurice Bloch
Bjørn Ellertsen and Ine Baug Johnsen
Katherine Joekes and Sandra Boersma
Nicoletta Sonino and Giovanni Fava
David Nias
Susan Ayers
Roger Booth
Siobhan Hart
Annette Stanton and Julia Woodward
Inflammatory bowel disease759
Paul Bennett
Intensive care unit760
Christina Jones and Richard Griffiths
Intimate examinations763
Penelope Cream
Irritable bowel syndrome765
Paul Bennett
Anne Williams
Julie Carter
Mastalgia (breast pain)774
Antonio Millet and Frederick Dirbas
Julie Carter
Menopause and postmenopause779
Myra Hunter
MMR vaccine781
Emily Buckley
Motor neurone disease784
Laura Goldstein
Multiple sclerosis786
Rona Moss-Morris, Kirsten van Kessel and Emma Witt
Myasthenia gravis789
Ruth Epstein
Rosalie Ferner
Non-cardiac chest pain793
Christopher Bass
Jennifer Thomas and Kelly Brownell
Oral care and hygiene801
Gerry Humphris
Isidro Villanueva and Alex Zautra
Myra Hunter
Parkinson's disease809
Marjan Jahanshahi
Pelvic pain811
Robert Edwards and Jennifer Haythornthwaite
Post-traumatic stress disorder814
Donna Posluszny, Stacie Spencer and Andrew Baum
Postnatal depression820
Sandra Elliott
Pregnancy and childbirth823
Lyn Quine and Liz Steadman
Premature babies827
Heather Mohay
Premenstrual syndrome830
Jane Ussher
Catherine O′Leary
Sara Faithfull
Rape and sexual assault839
Irene Frieze and Maureen McHugh
Reconstructive and cosmetic surgery841
Nichola Rumsey
Renal failure, dialysis and transplantation844
Keith Petrie
Repetitive strain injury846
Gerard van Galen
Rheumatoid arthritis850
Kathleen Mulligan and Stanton Newman
Road traffic accidents: human factors852
Frank McKenna
Screening: antenatal854
Elizabeth Dormandy
Screening: cancer857
Kevin McCaul and Amber Koblitz
Screening: cardiac861
Alethea Cooper
Screening: genetic864
Shoshana Shiloh
Self-examination: breasts, testicles870
Glynn Owens
Sexual dysfunction872
Patricia Morokoff
Sexually transmitted infections875
Barbara Hedge
Sickle cell disease877
James Elander
Skin disorders880
Ulrich Stangier
Sleep apnoea883
Jane Harrington
Sleep disorders887
Jason Ellis
Spina bifida889
Ineke Pit-ten Cate and Jim Stevenson
Spinal cord injury892
Paul Kennedy
Sterilization and vasectomy895
Robert Edelmann
John Pimm
Peggy Dalton and Frances Cook
David Lester
Gerhard Andersson
Tobacco use908
Robert West and Ainsley Hardy
Toxins: environmental912
Gerhard Winneke
Konstadina Griva and Stanton Newman
Urinary tract symptoms919
Martin Cartwright and Mark Emberton
Vertigo and dizziness921
Lucy Yardley
Vision disorders924
Beth Grunfeld
Voice disorders926
Ruth Epstein
Volatile substance abuse927
Michael Gossop
Vomiting and nausea929
David J. de L. Horne and Elizabeth Coombes

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