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A History of Modern Libya


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 (ISBN-13: 9780521615549 | ISBN-10: 0521615542)

Libya is coming in from the cold, but for most of the three decades following the 1969 revolution, the country was labelled a pariah state by the West. Dirk Vandewalle, one of only a handful of western scholars to visit during the time, is intimately acquainted with the country. This history - based on original research and his interviews with Libya's political elite - offers a lucid account of Libya's past, and corrects some of the misunderstandings about its present. The author takes the story from the 1900s, through the Italian occupation, the Sanusi monarchy and Qadhafi's self-styled revolution. The final chapter is devoted to the events which brought Libya back into the international fold. As the first comprehensive history of Libya over the last two decades, this book will be welcomed by students of the region, professionals and those who are visiting Libya for the first time.

• This is the first truly comprehensive history of Libya since 1982, and the first to include recent changes in Libya's foreign and internal policies • An introduction which unravels the region's complexities for the student and general reader • Based on author's original research inside Libya throughout the 1980s and 1990s, when very few people were able to visit


Introduction: Libya, the enigmatic oil state; 1. 'A Tract Which Is Wholly Sand …'; 2. Italy's fourth shore and decolonization, 1911-1950; 3. The Sanusi monarchy as accidental state, 1951-1969; 4. A Libyan sandstorm: from monarchy to republic, 1969-1973; 5. The green book's stateless society, 1973-1986; 6. The limits of the revolution, 1986-1999; 7. Fork in the road: Libya in the 21st century; Bibliography.


'… authoritative, informative and dispassionate …' The Times Literary Supplement

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