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An Introduction to Museum Archaeology


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 (ISBN-13: 9780521677967)

An Introduction to Museum Archaeology provides a comprehensive survey and synthesis of all aspects of current museum practice in relation to the discipline of archaeology. Drawing heavily on examples it deconstructs the different challenges posed by trying to tell archaeological stories in museum buildings, and on related sites. The final section sums up the state of museum archaeology in the early 21st century and discusses the major issues it is currently confronting. There is also a detailed list of every museum and exhibit mentioned in the book, with a Web address and an exhaustive list of references. An Introduction to Museum Archaeology provides an essential text for anyone studying museums, archaeology or cultural heritage and a reference for those working in these fields. It is full of detailed information, and discusses concepts and provides the context for current debates.

• Firmly based in practical examples from the UK, Europe and North America, covering hundreds of museums, as well as many examples of exhibitions and programmes • The bibliography and appendix lists every museum in the text with a web address making it an essential reference tool in its own right • Deals with the subject holistically, putting it into a global, philosophical and historical perspective including recent issues such as repatriation and restitution of human remains and objects, museums in international wars


Part I. Introduction: 1. What for whom?; 2. Origins and influences; 3. Current aims, scope, and theory; 4. The legal framework; 5. Geographic scope; Part II. Collections: 6. Archaeological collections; 7. Excavation archives; 8. Human remains; 9. Research; 10. Conservation and collections care; Part III. Interpretation: 11. The visiting public; 12. Displaying archaeology: methods; 13. Displaying archaeology: examples; 14. Schools, public and community programmes; Part IV. Conclusions: 15. Conclusions; 16. Museums mentioned in text.


'An Introduction to Museum Archaeology is an accessible account of museum archaeology in England, as seen by one of its most active and visible exponents. … Usefully, each chapter contains a short list of key texts and the museums and exhibitions cited in this book are included in an appendix …' Antiquity

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